March Special of the Month

I made a purchase for gems in the mere hopes to get the March Special for the Summoning the Top 5-star troop, and after meeting the criteria, and after I met the criteria, and didn’t get it, and after several email discussions about it, I was told to put it in here under the feedback. I felt like that was false advertising to boost sales, and to mislead consumer. Which lead to unhappy consumer. I felt in order to make this up to the consumer. You all should up to the end of your bargain, or lose that consumer of not making anymore purchases. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christopher B. Lane

Here’s the screen describing the Heromof the Month:

In all caps, it says you have a CHANCE to summon her. You did. You didn’t pull her. So I’m puzzled by your complaint. What part of this transaction did you feel was unfair?

I buy lottery tickets occasionally and I haven’t won the jackpot yet.


We’ve all been there. I made 18 summons on February and didn’t get Zeline. In 34 summons on March (wanted Panther lol) I got 3 Delilah. Don’t feel disappointed, maybe from a token you have a surprise

18 summons and 3x Delilah, you’ll be owning Alliance Wars on your own in no time!


Oh no sorry, it was 34 summons! Sorry if I didn’t make myself understandable.
I made 18 on February but no luck on Zeline

You did 34 summons and got 3? Wow, you are lucky beyond belief.

I’m over 140 summons trying to get Delilah this month but still no luck. I seriously think they need to look into their system, but if they admit that there is a bug they will have a problem so they just say that ‘everything is fine’ and ‘the system is fair’.

Even 3x on 34 is ve4y good haha!

I’m with you on the high summons @Quazyx, but I’ve only hit 120. It’s hard to not be both disappointed and wonder how many of SG’s kids I’m going to put through college just going for Delilah…


What criteria we are talking about?

@Elpis: What do you mean by: “What criteria we are talking about?”

He is talking about “meeting some criteria” in the original post, so i’m not really sure what he means by that.


@Elpis: Thank you for clarifying that, I did not understand you were reacting to the original post.

I read “criteria” to mean that the OP had in fact done one or more summons from Event/Epic/Elemental heroes. To which I say, “join the club.”

I did too many pulls during the event in a vain attempt to get Guardian Panther, but at least that means I have a pair of Delilahs now. Just need four more darts and a whole lotta ham & feeders now…

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Can I ask how many pulls you approximately did? I am curious because I did over 140 and have no Delilah to show for it. My alliance-mate, who did ‘a few more’ (but not that many more) pulls, has 6 Delilah’s. SGG claims that my ‘account is ok’ and the ‘system is fair’ but I really think there is some kind of bug here.

Reading is fundemental, bruh.

My point: be clear about the chances … bruh

I did about the same as you and got 5 copies of Delilah.

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Thanks, that’s more useful feedback then … some people on this forum.

I guess that I’m just incredibly unlucky on my pulls then.

One would think that “CHANCE TO WIN” would give a person ALL that they would need to know.
Common sense isn’t so common after all.

My solution-Don’t make any more purchases. a GUARANTEED solution to this “problem”.

I just told you what extra part of information I would like to have. If they just said there is an XXX percent chance of landing a 5* hero I would have that information. I see a WIN-WIN there.