March HOTM 2019

Hey there , anybody have any idea about the upcoming hotm this March?

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Nope, not yet…wish I did

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It will be blue definitely :wink:

'Cause frost march, ba dum tss!


Would be nice to know what’s coming

No one knows - March’s HOTM is not even in Beta yet :slight_smile:

March? What about February?

Oh that’s disappointing ! I thought it will be completed by now . I got zimkitha & Evelyn. thinking about saving my gems for a Blue hotm :wink:

We got a blue healer coming up so I hope it’s a blue that will balance the color out more. Blue doesn’t have a good mana controler, but we got another this month in yellow so I doubt that will happen

Blue also needs an ATK buffer. We could use another Wu or Tarlak. At least a Khiona.

February is dark hero, kunchen… A super charged regard !


Good to know! I’m dying to see details because I need a better healer than Aeron

Kunchen? That’s kitchen in german if i remember properly… xD must be an overpowered boldstuk chef then xDDDDDDD

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you don’t… :slightly_smiling_face:
kitchen is KĂĽche


Lol you are right, is cake the Word, but is kuchen without the middle N. Still funny name hehe

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Do they usualy start to test it one month before release?

Nothing to share for next month HotM?

@Formicatomica Thanks a lot for the info.

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As posted in game, February 2019 HOTM is:

March 2019 HOTM is being tested in Beta. “Coming soon to a theater near you!” :slight_smile: