March 2024 TENTATIVE Calendar

Btw did we get forced update today? Didn’t get the usual message, instead I got two about 7th day of free gifts and Sneak Peek 2024 with dragons :dragon: .

Anyway first Covenant in quite some time I’ll probably skip. Have Nautica, got lucky and got Guardian Elephant, don’t want Black Caesar that much neither Cinderella, Tametomo is nice but still, not worth risking dupe, and I don’t even know what Scath does.

Also surprised we’ll get Owl tower twice in a row. Maybe they buff owls because SGG didn’t before second round and they usually do that. :sweat_smile:

Here: 🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Construct Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v59]

Another Slow Purple 5*. Good but not necessary. Really will skip this Covenant.

Edit: They really scheduled Pick Up summon at last possible moment. I wonder whether we’ll see some Pick Up coin offers …


Also a skip for me, Nautica i have… Scath may be interesting and elephant is the only that i would like but won’t worth it… Too many not so good ones :slight_smile:

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Thx for your updates.


You’re welcome, glad it helps :smiling_face:

Pretty sure that’s what the “(new)” following his name means :grimacing:

Yes, they did the force update this morning. I got the server maintenance warning message myself. But I noticed you need to be online around a couple of hours or so (or maybe just down to 30 minutes) prior to the server update to actually receive the in-game message.

We will see. Surprised too but at least they are consistent now with what they announced in the official calendar.

I guess they were waiting for the server-side update to push all of those changes today together with the update.

Pretty sure, yes, some gems + coins deals.


I have updated my calendars to reflect the changes/additions of pick up summon on the 5th, owl featured heroes, and covenant summon on the 10th. The Quick Ref. will be updated a bit later in the week.

Images Calendar and B&W Calendar by Zartanis (Updated March 4)

Credit Zartanis

French Calendar by Zartanis (Updated March 4)

Credit Zartanis


I have added Portuguese calendars by @Junim and Polish calendar by @ColdHands. Thank you both!


Happy about the Covenant Portal, although i doubt I will get anything good as usual. But I do have 5 free pulls available so, I will try as always

Another day, another update. At least Champions hero become available again in their original portal :smile: F2P/VC2P players can have a chance for them again if they wish so by selecting them as featured.


Good thing Livia got kicked as well. Lodius is much better IMHO. And still want that Anubis, so …

Amazing changes !!! Thanks for the info and also thanks to the staff !! :smiley: :clap:

if i may know. What team do you pair Anubis with? Thank you in advance Sir

Wait, does that mean no Clash of Knights in March? :cry:
I really wanted to try my luck to get Cecilia, because she’s my favorite hero design wise.

Well, we already knew that, the official calendar had the Owl Tower in this time slot from the start. There was just some outdated data left in the actual schedule implemented into the game but they fixed that. It will certainly come again in April then :wink:


I have finally updated the online calendar sorry for the long wait. Also on the inage calendar the later days(29-31)are grayed out.


I have updated my calendars to fix the grayed out section that I meant to be live as well as updated the Quick Ref. to have the covenant summon and features heroes for owl tower properly in place.

Images Calendar and B&W Calendar by Zartanis (Updated March 8)

Credit Zartanis

Quick Reference by Zartanis (Updated March 8)

Credit Zartanis

French Calendar by Zartanis (Updated March 8)

Credit Zartanis


Thank you for your hard work! But I noticed that your calendar has Astral Elves until Monday morning while they last only until Sunday morning (3 days only). Also, Monster island started day earlier and finishes day earlier as well (if we count that whole day preparation phase as event).

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Covenant portal is Monday, right? Yet they have web offers for it already today


Thank you so much for these, I rely on your calendars every month.

Minor correction, on the quick reference, the Covenant Summon shows February dates.

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Sunday but still, offers are on but portal is not.

To let players buy ahead. After having tried Astral and ToL

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