March 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

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Ferant balancing has been a loud request by many players, who will be a happy lot.

  • Unfortunately, it will also reduce Ferant’s utility beyond the 4* environment & cause upset emotions due to many having limit broken the dude… me included !

  • SG / game needs to find solution to used up LBs when a popular hero is rebalanced. May be specific reset option needs to be worked out. Having players be fearful / defensive, expecting a nerf is not a HEALTHY approach !

Rayne poison damage increase is welcome & nothing broken there, as it is DoT !

Lew being made fast is = lining her to be chased… in the next CoK portal !


Balance our bosswolf and roc.


So what now? People gave money to chase him, ascended him, gave him emblems, aethers…? I don’t have him but this is not okay.


So is SGG doing balance update every month now?


As I own Rayne and Lewena, I’m quite happy with this balance actually. lol


What. A. Suprise.

We get stupid buffs to hero which absolutely don’t need them and NOBODY asked for. Both from the alliance quest. Where is the love for the heroes that actually, you know, NEED the buffs? With the Christmas nerfs SG pointed out that their data showed they were to strong. That’s okay, but that same data has to show the other side of the spectrum as well. Which heroes are to weak or underplayed? GIVE ATTENTION TO THOSE.

It’s almost like there would be an alliance quest soon where they want people to pay to summ… oh wait. Alliance quest in a few days.

Once again we see changes that were not tested in beta, but are just pushed through because… because what? Why do betaplayers even play? We put a lot of time in testing and giving feedback, yet we see minimal response. I don’t mind SG being greedy trying to squeez money out of us, but at least be honest about it.


:x: S1 heroes
:x: S2 heroes
:x: Old HotM
:x: Old event heroes
:white_check_mark: Newest portal heroes

What exactly did you balance?


Lewena Fast 260% to all enemy. Than Eloise 270% average!


Nice. This was expected. Whrn a group of allys exploit weaknessess. Finaly we wil get rid of ferrant

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So I don’t see this change to Ferant being anything for owners of him to be concerned about. He’s not there for the damage from his counterattack it’s all about the mana cut. Reducing severity over multiple simultaneous hits is still fine, still has desired effect of slowing opponent down.

Don’t really see a need to increase the other 2 though, lots of older heroes in need of it more, but it is what it is at this stage. That’s the way SG have decided to do it with balance updates.

I’d have liked either of them before, would still like them after.

With regards to comments that all changes should go through Beta, I don’t agree with this. Once they are live, that’s it for me after that changes can be monitored in other metrics instead


Not a fan of balancing updates applying ONLY to heroes who are featured in the next portal. This is just disgusting. At least mix these with some few random ones like improving Natalya’s DoT or Misandra’s % chance for extra hits. They will still be mediocre and far behind your newest options, but at least it will be some comfort for the majority of the players who don’t have these newest shiny knights but have a bench of old heroes who they never use anymore.

But that said, onto the changes themselves now:

Ferant: this was very needed, as you said, people were using him and he was more effective than legendary red tanks. This had to be addressed. We’ll see how much in practice that will change, but won’t argue with that. Yea, some players will cry he was easier to get than legendaries etc but that’s just being selfish; objectively, this change was needed to restore some common sense. But what I have to note is that such change goes live during a tournament where many people run Ferant as a tank given the rules in place. We should be used to SG having no respect to mess with the balance mid tournament, but that doesn’t mean we should accept it without a word.

Lewena: Ever since her appearence in beta I said that for hero like that to be successful, she needed to be fast. But at the same time I said that if she’s fast, the dmg output needs to be lowered and that wasn’t done in this case. So now instead of interesting anti-talent specialist, we got another fast AoE monster in a color that was lacking some. As someone who is sick already of those fast AoE dealing 200%+ dmg, I don’t really like that approach. Fast - fine, but lower aoe to something around 220% max. Else fixing one imbalance creates another.

Rayne: I don’t even want to see this DoT number after talents, aethers and troops. Again, by doing this change - look at your other DoT heroes, especially the single target ones. You think Rayne wasn’t enough effective to buff his damage output to whooping 1300 - then where are the buffs for Natalya or Morgan la Fay? The balance changes lose all the credibility when you approach it like that. (Elradir is very happy though)

On a side note, again SG doing all the metrics on how often heroes are used while this portal with those heroes was only opened ONCE since their release, and even many spenders did not even have chance to pull or ascend those heroes since. Long-term decision is being made on short-term assumptions. Very risky, and definitely not wise habit to have.

PS. Still I like the language improvement on those balance, with sharing some of the logic there. I may not agree with what you say, but at least it’s kind.


Thank you for finetuning, I hope it will make the players who have these heroes relieved and happy overall :four_leaf_clover:

I would really appreciate to see this kind of finetuning performed on other heroes too - like all those that are very far from being anywhere near the level of those mentioned in this thread. :pray:

Thank you :rose:


Pretty uncool that the ferant nerf goes live in running tournament …


…and if you have more than one raven, there are good chances that his DOT will be uncleansable! Insane!


You left out TOL heroes and also S3 heroes - Myztero and Lady and Lord Loki got a buff with the Rayne buff.

Edit: Also old HOTMs with Elradir! (Thanks @Suicide_Bunny )


:popcorn: I’m just here to read the comments…dont have any of these heroes, but not a huge fan of nerfs, aka balance updates.


Nonetheless, she still won’t be a defensive monster. With increase of DoT it’s even more likely that snipe & tick of poison will kill the target,not propagating it.

On the other hand, offensively, he could eliminate the whole team. I already used him with Skadi and it was a total DoT havoc, now it will be just ridiculous.


I agree that Ferant being too powerful… for now. But maybe that because SG did not have enough counter for him. However Zagrog is great against him. With this nerf, Zagrog value will also be reduced indirectly.

I never like this kind of Buff-Nerf cycle from SG, especially to their newer hero like Lewena and Rayne. This just another proof that the beta testing was not done correctly (or maybe Beta Testing is just for formality, not for real)