📯 [March 2021] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

thanks, dude. your work here is reeeeaaally appreciated

Well, on the other hand, how many Valhalla heroes are there? Kind of 20? Three featured every time, so we‘re half through in April I guess…

In my case the situation is simple as im almost done with hard and with those last coins, the S3 portal as a whole. If Alfrike is featured i pull, is she is not i dont.

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Same here. But given Fenrir and Norns were featured on same slot last two times, I am hoping she will be, as during first run of Valhalla she was after them.

Yeah, thats my thinking too, but seeing that in costumes Leonidas was not featured a single time, im not sure anymore.

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True. As a wise man once said: ‘It’s a pattern until it’s not.’

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I can’t find the April thread. Shouldn’t VF have started a few hours ago?

It starts Sundays usually. I mean it started Sunday that one time it happened under new schedule.


Good to know, but I guess we have to say good-bye to Valhalla - the chance for a Gnome is ridiculous and if really one appear, you get food instead of coins. More than 40 fights 1 dammed gnome and than you got 50k food. Hurray and thanks for nothing. SG have to improve the probability of these gnomes otherwise I see my next drawing in 2025 or later. So what ever SG was trying to with season 3, Valhalla forever is now Valhalla never more.


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