🍻 [March 2021] Tavern of Legends - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

7 pulls, 7x3*, this is the way SG…

I won’t ever spend gems in the ToL portal. So I expect nothing from my 2 monthly free pulls in it.

So mildly surprised today. Not the legend I was particularly looking for but one I’ll happily take (I’m one of those weirdos that likes Malicna)


My luck has been insane lately


2 Free Pulls.

Balthazar and Hu Tao. Oh Happy day :roll_eyes:

Being very Impatient and bad at “saving” I did 4 x Gem Pulls.

Kailani, Gormek, Tyrum and Telluria

Admittedly, I suppose pulling any 5* is a bonus, But not too excited as I have Heimdall at +20 and Like him alot (obviously my Tank).

Also I pulled Vela twice when she was HOTM but have never maxed her.

Not sure how to feel lol. But since I drown in tonics, Telly might just get a drink or 6


First free pull: Brienne and Malinca. (Every once in a while, lightning has to strike!)


Legendary Kailani! Is she worth to level up? No words… Again and again 3* from this event. Breathe. Calm down. GL 4all

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Did 3 pulls and again 3* dupefest, Oberon, Ulmer and good ol Bane :nauseated_face:

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Dont Summon on this month portal !!!
next time they will introduce costumes for HOTM and we ll have gravemaker costume available, so dont be fooled and dont waste your gems and coins this month !!!

Where its stated, that costumes come to tavern next month? It was only stated for springvale as far as i can recall

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in 2 months, next month is ninja tower

I’ve got Malicna with my first pull (tried so hard last month without HOTM-luck💔).
I can draw again, but would you advise me to wait for 2 months thus I’ve got more chance of that new HOTM?

Two free pulls for me, I’m not investing anything in the ToL, not even the offers.

Graymane and Ishtak, so everything fine :+1:

Had to force myself to do the quest though. Not a fan of it since the Ninja. Doesn’t provide any challenge other than just waiting for the bosses to die with their infinite health. And the more heroes I have, the less I have to think even about the team composition. Just take yolo rainbow teams and it works anyway.


I was lucky today and pull my first JF :slight_smile:


A very nice 10 summons from one of my alliance mate


With a 2% chance to get a classic legendary or Mystero and 2 free pulls for completing each event, that gives everyone a 4% chance! So, on average, we’ll get 1 useful hero every 25 events. Now that this event is every other month, that is 50 months.

So for everyone (like me) who pulled another Oberon and another Karil, just be patient. On average, you will get maybe a useful hero in just over 4 years time. Unless you’re unlucky of course, in which case it might take a lot longer. Good luck!


So the only reason I pulled this month is for a chance at Athena… Got some serious SG love

Got Telluria…

to go with my other 6 and just an FYI… There’s another one, Baking in HA10… SG you really need to come up with something for all these dups


Team Used just like before in Jan 2021.

Everything is under plan, except stage 2, because of Game Crash during fighting, and of course the team is marked as used (duh!), and just like before, it happened in Jan on stage 4.

All clear without using items.


2x pull: Prisca and Ishhtak :muscle:

*) Tavern Plan Team using HeroPlan.io by @GDIBass


yes, wait ,

Bought the offers.
The rest were 3* typical ones.

Managed to get the legendary Brienne and Ulmer…AH-MAH-ZING!!!


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