🎭 [March 2021] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Honestly Marj is probably the only true upgrade (over Falcon) out of the bunch. I get the appeal for Leo if you don’t have Jackal, but I’d honestly still prefer Jackal over Leo for anything but maybe war. Titans it’s all about tile damage, and Jackal has that in spades - 892 on the full attack route, still higher than cLeo’s 861. Very fast vs average makes up for Jackal’s squishiness, so yeah Leo is more of a sidegrade to Jackal.

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Looking at schedule, in January the have skipped Kadilen and Sartana (which were both decent) and introduced Marjana and Khagan instead. In February and March they have returned to the schedule, which means that in April there will be featured Richard and Horghall, then in May Lianna and Vivica, in June Joon and Isarnia and in July Magni and Domitia.


Sorry rho, have to disagree (if you mean out of the bunch- costumes as all), but thank you for a discussion :slight_smile:

C. Kadilen?
C. Obakan is the only dark hit all hero, which meshes nicely with similar heroes like Frigg, Odin, Zimkitha, Vela ( there, you got a rainbow hit all squad) :slight_smile:
C.Joon : is there a better yellow sniper?
C.Sartana : ?
C. Vivica : one of the only 2 def down heroes in holy?

Jackal is probably 1 shot for high lvl titans and mana isnt a problem for high lvl titans as well, so very fast vs average doesnt play major role. Leonidas also reduces attack of enemy to increase survivability of whole squad.

Then there are 3 and 4* as well from costumes, who are currently in top …

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And im happy again lol


Really? Then I’ll not be spending my keys for a while

Sorry, it was strictly meant as a comparison between cMarj/Falcon and cLeo/Jackal, since before their costumes, the only red and yellow elemental debuffers were those two event 4*, and Falcon was absolutely dreadful to use on titans due to his hideously low attack.

Eh I still use Jackal against 11/12* titans, timestops help with the whole one-shotting thing, and if you bring Wilbur and throw some mana at him, he keeps everybody in the team happy.

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I sincerely hope, this wont hold water… The sooner they introduce new heroes as featured, the better, they already made big financial error with past two months…

I’m assuming they delay featuring the newer costumes to avoid “competition” with the new summon portals. cMarjana was featured in January as there were no new portals. February had the new Villains portal, March will have the season 4 portal with a batch of new heroes.

If my assumption holds true, some of the newer costumes may be featured next month again, as there will be no new portals (at least that I’m aware of) other than slowly releasing one new s4 hero per month. Guess I’ll save my keys for now.


My guess is they are gong to wait until most of us already have the new 3 and 4* costumes before they bring out the sales drivers

Fine, it could be such theory…

Stil, if they were thinking this way, same principle could be applied if they didnt skip with featuring new heroes past two months. It works into their favour if people diddnt have budget to pull, when some important hero is featured. It will keep the portal ‘‘alive’’ for longer, since people will still try to get that hero later.

I agree.
This month is gone… the second in a row.
But if it is a mistake, and we don’t raise it or open a ticket, next month we will see it again.


Why they can’t feature 3 or 4 heroes to make it more interesting is beyond me. Not pulling this month, waiting for azlar viv and joon to appear.

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Beat it with this team:

Gretel and Leo combo work great for mana and Gillinbursti’s overheal is game changing. Makes up for them being weak on yellow mob enemies. Tibs dropped D and Domitia because I wanted some semblance of
Sniping and that is my best purple for it.

Pulls I got:

Li Xiu (dupe)
Nashgar (new)

… and …

(Definitely new)

If I can scrounge 2 more keys from a wanted mission or something I will get another pull, we’ll see.

Good luck out there!



I continue to get lazy and use a team that, shockingly, can survive most things I put them in.

Triton / Gullinbursti / Boldtusk / Wilbur / Joon

And the keys, including the 7 I didn’t expect to have before this new schedule change (unfortunate but I can deal) gave me Bane who can never escape me every time I pull, and two new costumes: Grimm and Nashgar.

Rigard continues to elude me.

Used my keys and pulled
Costume Thorne
So happy days


Since December without 5* heroes, and the curse of bad summons remain beautiful and strong here, 7 pulls for 7… nevermind🙄…at least I gained darts


Bought the rest of the offers and did key + gem summons, 8 total:
(new = new costume for me)

2x Dawa (lolz) - NEW
1x Jahangir - NEW
1x Quintus
1x Nashgar - NEW
1x Kailani - NEW
1x Friar Tuck
1x Renfeld

So today from keys/gems (12 pulls) I did get 2x 5* and 1x 4* (Magni, Quintus, and Sabina).
So, I can’t complain too much I guess.


9 pulls total by using :key:
The highlight was Quintus & the rest was :taco: for my good heroes who were hungry :yum:


I’ll add my voice to the disappointment chorus about featured heroes. You have “new” shiny costumes and still bring up Elena and Quintus? :expressionless:

First key pull of the month → Caedmon. Hope the second one will finally bring me some of the latest costume (i don’t even brag about 5*, i’d just be happy with the 4*. Rigard and Kiril don’t avoid me please :sob: :sob:)

8 pulls, 7 x 3* and Boril whom I already have, plus Malicna whom I also already have. Meh. Pulls kinda suck for me as of lately. SGG, pray I get Alfrike next Valhalla or I’ll curse you and entire family tree for eternity.