🎪 Marcel – 4* Nature/ Green from Starfall Circus

Oh please stop it. This is boring. In addition to being off-topic.

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Really wondering, maybe look at the thread you are in.

Nothing to do with Marcel, so of course flagged for off topic.

Edit: you could just start a new thread, all the heroes I want to get buffed, instead of demanding for a buff in every single hero thread. People wouldn’t complain and you could articulate all the things you don’t like or want changed. Or go on and receive always the same answers from tired players…

And for your original request, all other 4* def down heroes are average, so why make one better? Because you got him?

Here buddy for comparison

Worse stats, far less special skill attack. Minions on himself and atk- instead of Atk+.
I would probably take Marcel if I have to decide between those two. Alone for titans his higher Atk is far better…


Thank you for your time to answer.

No, they are requests from my smaller brother who has Down syndrome.

(Back to topic)


I see your statement, and your stated desire, but have no idea why you want this change.


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I’ve been going attack/defense on his emblems and am now at the first fork where I have to choose between attack OR defense. HIs def/health ratio is .481. You folks think I should just focus on attack from here, or shore up his defense a bit? I’ve been using him offensively in wars, after Grimm and Isarnia are used.

Full attack path


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