🔵 [Mar 8, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I did It with a relative low level team.
I used mana pots to trigger wu Kong and some dragon breaths to complete path daily .

The team.

Wu Kong / Li xiu / Sonya/ Valeria / Joon

Valeria and Joon are not maxed .
Valeria is 3/50
Joon is 3/25

The others are maxed and emblem

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My level 18 alt,

Bane 1/1, Gunnar 1/5, Olaf 1/1, and Bane 3/10. Just 4 heroes. Managed to complete the first stage :smiley:

My team

I always say I’ll feed Cyprian, but I only use him on this trial. Justice is no match for his riposte.


I like these threads just to see my progression, but daylight savings time and a busy day took it out of me, so just a screenshot bomb.

Didn’t grab it, but Mist ate the trainer.


I took dragon attacks (covered the valor daily lol) and time stops (I often forget about this one outside of titans, plus I’ve never had much more than five in storage due to their expense), plus those heal pots.

Surprisingly had a quick run through the mob waves, only used one pot on Wilbur to get him back up to around 90% and healed up Leo via his special. In the end won fairly comfortably, used 3 or 4 time stops, 3 dragons, all bar 3 health pots, 3 heroes left standing on around 50%… and somehow Justice in her “reverse tank” position was first to fall, kept having the tiles up the middle lol.

I find with those challenging tier mob waves I can take 4 mins to clear one, or 1 min to clear 4 lol… the former happens 95% of the time esp. in this no-healer-for-me trial from memory, so I feel extra lucky to have had a good run for once.

Emblems saving for Telluria (months away tho lol as Kingston is 3^70 waiting on a tome), and might use reset emblem on Seshat… she’s +7 while Neith and Alasie are +3… might make em all an even +4 and put remainder aside for Buddy who’s patiently waiting at 3^60… need to do the math, look at when ranger trials are next, etc.


I always forget about the costumed heroes^^ but no problem.

Went with the same team as last time…and the same items.

Changes are in emblems only.

Went well, I used only one antidote and the healing, Cyprian’s riposte works well on those bosses.

  • Trainer went to Vivica
  • Paladin emblems are stocked (20 now)
  • Monk emblems to Drake for his 7th node, stopping him for the moment and concentrating on the 4*

Brought in Joon for Chef.

  • On the bench: Valeria #1 and #2, Wu, Falcon, Frida 3.70, Wilbur 2, Cyprian, Li, Jabbar, Iron Chef BT, KISS Army Tibs, Sonya #1 and #2
  • Up and coming: Sumle 2.26

No issues getting to the bosses with everyone ready. As usual, I focused my attention on Joon.

That said, the board chooses it’s victims, and Richard was the first down. I ran out of red tiles, and Justice blinded everyone. I used an antidote to clear the blindness.

And Justice for All.

Trainer to Mist, emblems to Joon and…maybe saving for Telluria.


Use him against all those new AoE threats.


The other thing that Cyprian is good for is boss stages in general (challenge events and the like, and especially the later levels in SII hard, if you don’t quite have the necessary umph). Most people outgrow him once they have enough 5-stars.