🔵 [Mar 8, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team this time:

  • Thorne 4^80
  • Wilbur +14
  • Sonya +20
  • Cyprian +8
  • Leonidas 3^70

Compared to last time, Cyprian is up 5 talents, and Wilbur is in for Li Xiu +20.

This run-through was brutally bad. Not having a healer was rough, and by the end of the mob waves, I was already down to 11 minor health potions. Perhaps I was saving Wilbur too often, as I didn’t have a lot of red on the board throughout, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to recharge him in time. Entered the boss wave with everyone but Leo charged.

First problem was Joon resisting Wilbur’s def down. I dispelled the enemy spirit link immediately with Sonya. Was this a mistake? Not sure. These bosses hit so hard, that even with Wilbur active, I burned through the rest of my healing potions really quickly. As expected, Wilbur and Cyprian didn’t play very nicely together, and riposte wasn’t particularly effective. Lost Leo and Wilbur toward the end. With Richard very low on health and Justice not far behind, I might have been OK, but Joon was still quite healthy, so I went to carpet bombing. Used 5 axes, 3 bombs, and a dragon. Noticed after the fact that using 3 dragons was a PoV challenge today, so that was an extra special kick in the nether regions.

Emblems take Wilbur and Cyprian both up one talent. Trainer hero goes to Wu Kong, who just claimed orbs. Taking my rewards and trying to pretend this one didn’t happen. Not sure what to shake up next time, but this particular combo didn’t work very well today.