🏅 [Mar 8, 2020] 46th Raid Tournament! — 3* Bloody Battle, All Elements

Going with this… seems to be my best option. One slow tank and 4 fast snipers.

Costumed Bane +6
Mnesseus +20
Costumed Gunnar +9
Rudolph +5
Balthazar +5

Thoughts are welcome :smile:

  • Decided on Rudolph over Namahage, as Rudolph has the minions + mana cut and Fighter talent.
  • Balthy over Chochin, for the faster mana (and the Green/Blue/Red middle)
  • Mnesseus is a lock for my green, he’s my most emblemed, and wasn’t keen on doing 2 Greens (sorry Shrubbear)
  • Bane over Melia for the sniping, though if this were Buff Booster I would use Melia over Bane
  • And Gunnar is my only real tank among my Blues.

I have:

  • all the classic/S1 3*s
  • costumes for Hawkmoon, Bane and Gunnar only (no Tyrum or Brienne)
  • all the S2 3*s
  • Hisan
  • Vlad (ugh)
  • a baby Bjorn
  • Shrubbear


I think I’ll go with that, maybe costume Tyrum or Bjorn in Chochin’s place.

My options are:

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I had this setup in mind:

Really undecided here for defense…

This was my first thought, not sure with the Gunnar guy, costumed Version or not?
Or perhaps two reda close to Gunnar?

Edit: will switch order with mnesseus left.

These are my options (+ jahangir), other thought would also be to switch to bauchan tank, like @zephyr1

Let’s give her a try!

Another option


I am so confused on what to put as the defense. I need advise on which kind of defense has worked for you before? I have been through 4 iterations already:

Choice 1:
Rainbow fast team of snipers and kvasir meat shields,

Choice 2:
Defense down ailment and 2 Bauchan for mana control, 2 snipers on the wings.

Choice 3:
Bauchan tank, and all fast snipers around him

Choice 4:
Kind of similar to choice 2, but based on aoe.

Here is the roster I have to choose from:

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Super glad to get a 3* tournament this week. Very tired of being wiped out so quickly in the 5* ones and stalling before mid-week on the PoV tasks.

I am still debating what to run with. I always find it harder when there is no element not allowed.

These are my options - pitiful I know - Ei-Dunn is a little higher than the picture shows as I have been working on her today, but I am not sure I will manage to max her before the tournament starts. Should also mention that Bane’s costume is not maxed yet (second tier).

Courtesy of HeroPlan.io

Currently toying with Mnesseus, Ulmer, Jahanghir, Pixie, Berden. Not sure whether I should switch out Jahanghir for another sniper like Balthazar. I would prefer to leave Ulmber in for his defence down.

Any suggestions? (Besides working on my 3* bench :wink: )


Ideally you want a beefy hero at tank (center) because that hero takes the most tile hits and opens up the easiest “ghosting” channel.

Of what you’ve shown, that’s Gunnar.

The most obvious thing to bring against a beefy blue is a couple of greens. Green being weak against red means ideally one of your flanks would be red and either durable or high impact (ideally both).

Jahangir would go better at flank, he’s not the toughest but if Gunnar fires that will help him - plus at slow mana, he can’t go on the wing.

Bane is a tough old cookie - makes a good flank or wing.
You don’t have to use his costume, if I’m understanding correct his base form is maxed?

Mnesseus or Tyrum are useful for left wing because they dispel, so you got that spot on IMHO. Tyrum costume is useful too for cleanse, if it’s maxed it’s not a bad idea to use both!

For me, this means I’d run (if Tyrum costume not maxed):
Tyrum - Bane - Gunnar - Jahangir - Berden.

Or (if Tyrum costume is maxed):
Mnesseus - costTyrum - Gunnar - Jahangir - Bane


Yes, Bane is maxed even though his costume isn’t quite there yet. I am afraid I don’t have Tyrum’s costume, that one has eluded me so far. Maybe next time the chamber comes back it will come to me.

Ahh sorry I thought I saw the mask! But no :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I’d run the former example… But there are several ways you could set it.

Obviously remember that your matchups are based on the TP of your strongest available team for the tournament (ie: of your highest emblemed set, whether they’re a good team together or not), so you wouldn’t want to drop too many emblems out of the field of you can help it!

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Yay 3*! :hugs:

Dis is what I’m doing. “Oh you wanted MANA? I’ve got some bad news…”


Looks good :ok_hand:

I’m banking on a little mana dictation too… That and beefy leaves :joy:

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Wonder if fighter family with grid to revive 1hp won’t work in this Tournament, will it?

Unfortunately the 3* ones who have the most emblems for me right now are the healers. None are maxed on emblems thank goodness. My five strongest 3* heroes are

Belith, Berden, Hawkmoon, Prisca, Pixie.

Two healers and a self-healer automatically discounted.

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Pixie is great on attack but too easily dealt with on defence.

Prisca is sadly just not that good (it might be worth stripping the emblems just so they don’t count her into your highest TP in future?).

I’d use Berden and use Tyrum for dispel :+1:

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Here’s my take.

Eidunn debuffs and hurts. There’s no good mono. Nordri is protected and won’t die easy.

Looks good.

Not 100% convinced with Nordri wing but with that many emblems it makes sense to use him.

No. Healing and resurrection both have no effect in this tournament.

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If you stack to kill him, you will struggle with the tank or the bear. If you ignore him and stack for the tank or the bear, Nordri will be the last one standing and not die easily.

If you bring yellow Bjorn can hurt you considerably.

Aye, but once you’re last man standing you’re wide wide open to ghosted tiles and easy special hits.

I would’ve thought you’d want him firing multiple times (or firing before eg: Ulmer fires) but I’m happy to be proven wrong :+1::+1:

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