🏅 [Mar 8, 2020] 46th Raid Tournament! — 3* Bloody Battle, All Elements

I’m out went 1-1 today so 21- 4
Denfence 4-3 still
Final score 11724
Good luck :+1:

23-2 but still at 1-5% :rofl: defense all E

First time for me going to be in the top 1%, no rebuys. Was ranked 17 this morning, currently 32. Offensive went 22/3. Defense, I lost track of how many times I was attacked but basically was 7 out of 10 percentage wise. I really like these tournies and am very happy to finally have a good showing.


My third disaster in a row, those last two were out of my league and I consequently competed for the final 2 two days only. This time, I signed up, forgot to de emblem a couple of threes to get everything at standard and went to bed… Woke up, lived my life; logged on and it has started?? Mentally, “please just kill me now?” The defense was literally a line up of my strongest threes and that should be a good thing except that it is a disaster. All you need to do is look at it to realise that it is never going to work on defense and be marginal at best on offense as sorted by AI.
So, 3 wins in 17 on defense (yes, that is an E) and those three must have had issues or made serious errors fwiw. Attacks? I have lost one.

top 1%; had to continue, but won all my battles on the last day for 20-5.

Defense is 100% winrate :smiley:

Nordri+18 / Bauchan / GunnarC+1 / Namahage / Gato 7/8 (special skill)



Some up and downs during this tournament, needed a continue, happy with the 30 ranger emblems which allow seshat to go to +12


3x ETT, 30 cleric emblems, 10 Atlantis coins, a shield.

Not too bad, although I’d trade all of this for just a single EHT. I just want pulls to fuel my gambling addiction! :smiley:


Final rank and rewards:

Defense team used:

Defense team performance:

  • wins: 16,
  • losses: 4,
  • grades: A, A, A, A, A.

Not bad for team without any emblems.


Everything in one graphic:


My luck this tournament :man_shrugging:t2: just two battles against my defense :exploding_head:

This tournament is my favorite, it’s the only one I can get to 1%. Please SG make it happen more often :pleading_face:

Main ended in the 5% which was to be expected as I didn’t crack 1% until my very last match. 2nd alt ended in 50% as that profile doesn’t any high scoring opponents. Never checked on my 1st alt yet.

Chochin and Hawkmoon receiving 153 health points

Hawkmoon and Chochin both receiving health points

Just the description of her special. Doesnt mean she actually healed anyone, unless you have proof of them getting 153 health. Then you should be opening a support case with SGG.

Just a demo of her applying 0 heath.


Was attacked 22 times. :scream:
Got a B Grade with tank Bauchan.


Overall Update

Score = 12,381, Rank = , Top 5%
Bought back in on Day 4, not cause I needed to but cause I love the 3* tournaments… just more fun for me :smiley:





Top 10 finishers for future reference


Tourney end:

Top 5%. Got attacked and lost near the end, putting me at 2:2 and a B grade.

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