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My team last time (I don’t know everyone’s levels/emblems last time since I have no ss, but this is what the game defaulted as):

At first I tried to bring a 4/11 Gadeirus which would’ve worked better, but after stalling on a no green board, not bringing mana pots, and things looking pretty dire, I swapped him out for my Rigard, so this is what I had going in:

I specifically worked on Boril for this fight, and anything that needs clerics, and he definitely helps vs Horghall that I struggled with last time. I decided to minimize the carpet bombing this time just to see whether I could. Some misfires and bad tile cascades dragged it out a bit, and I burned an axe because the enemy Boril was about to fire, and my Elkanen was low enough that he’d kill himself or get killed by a slash attack, and neither my Melendor nor Rigard were ready at the time. Ghosted tiles and eventually killed Vivica. Caedmon dying early didn’t help, but just burned through my stash of minor healing pots and one axe on battle items.

Couldn’t really comment on difficulty since the last time I carpet bombed since I had few hitters and didn’t want it to take forever, but I was able to complete it without really any expensive battle items.


I completed all three stages with the team below:


Boril made Horghall an easy kill. Hatter stole Boril’s reflect (and Brienne’s buff earlier). All in all, it went pretty smoothly. I used a full stack of axes and bombs at the end, and a couple dragon attacks, then finished them off - didn’t see a point to wasting more dragons.

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First test of my newly leveled Hänsel:

Gobbler 3-60
Melendor 4-70+6
Boril 3-60
Hänsel 4-70+7
Hawkmoon 3-50

Reaching the bosses was very easy, because of two healers. But it also took quite some time.
At the bosses, Hänsel’s special was helpful. But for fighting 3 bosses, it isn’t as great as Proteus’ special. Gobbler and Hawkmoon died quick and with only 3 heroes I couldn’t beat them. So I had to cheese my way to victory with bombs, axes, and dragons once more.

As I have no Druid or Cleric in training right now, next time will be just as expensive again I fear. Unless I finally get Rigard…


To be honest, i really dont remember to who i gave the green lvl 17 troops.
It changed a bit from the last time, since i had Mnesseus instead of Caedmon.
Like u see i used 2 Melendors [one level 5 or 6, dont remember if i used the emblems before or after the fight and one ‘‘vanilla’’], Boril 4/70/5, Zimkitha 3/70, Caedmon 3/54.

Started with a slow board so i had to use 2 health potions in the first 2 mob levels, after that with 2 healers and Zim kind curing herself it went pretty smooth. Used an axe attack in one of the mob levels since they were targeting an unleveled Caed so i wanted to reduce their damage. With 3 dispellers i had no problem with the bosses buffs and Zim has taking care of the cleanse. Like always Boril was a trap for Horghall, 3 greens have taken care of boss Boril, but like always Vivica was annoying asf, so i’ve used 3 bombs and one axe attack since it was taking too much [i could have clearly done it without them but i wanted to finish the fight earlier]. Two mana potions were used too.


I feal this is the most difficult trial for all of them…
It’s not because of the hard enemies, its more due to the “weak” heroes which are available for this classes.

There are no hitter or heavy dmg dealer, there are just healer and softies. No regular def down and atk up to speed up the fight. For other trials I have more 5* to finish those, thats why this one is more difficult.

My team was/is Zimkitha 3/70 Vivica 4/80 Righard 4/70 Hänsel 4/70 and Chaedmon 4/70

Getting hänsel up to mana with tiles or bottles and fix Vivica up to get the other two down with stones tiles. First Horgall than Boril and vivi in the end while hoping she does not resist hänsels special.

I think the trial is hard but not un-beatable.
with a party of 4* its fine at all. :+1:

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I have maxed Boril since last time, only Kadilen is not maxed at 3x70

It took some time to finish Vivica but that was the only problem for me on this trial.


My Team Last Time

I apparently didn’t screenshot my team stats last time, so I’m not sure where Vivica was at.

For the rest, that was maxed Melendor, Boril, and Rigard, with 3-60 Gadeirus.

My Team This Time

Last time I made this comment:

So, this time, I used this team:

In addition to that swap from Gadeirus to Brienne, Vivica has hit max and gone onward to +2, and Melendor has gone to +7.

I’ve also made some progress on troop leveling.

The Battle

As with the two previous times, the multitude of healing made getting to the bosses quite easy.

I went in with all specials charged, and used Boril’s Riposte plus tile damage to take out Horghall first, intentionally triggering him twice along the way.

After Horghall, I took out Boril with tile damage. Melendor helped clear boss Boril’s Riposte, and Brienne started contributing to tile damage.

Once Boril was dead, Brienne really started to shine.

Unlike the last two times, where I had trouble killing Vivica faster than she regenerated, with Brienne’s attack buff, I was pretty consistently able to whittle down Vivica with only tile damage.

Melendor helped again, dispelling Vivica’s defense buff so tiles could hit her harder.

It still took a while, but unlike previous times, it wasn’t going in endless circles, and I didn’t have to resort to item nuking.

Instead, I only used 4 mana pots to charge my Vivica two times along the way that Brienne or other heroes were getting close to death.

Next time, I should bring minor mana and healing pots instead of the heavy battle items that I didn’t need.

Was It Harder?

Not particularly that I noticed. But my team was much better.

Between Vivica and Melendor leveling updates, and the useful swap-in of Brienne, this time was easier for me than previous ones.

Since the observation has been unchanged HP, I still wonder if other stats were changed or not:

Shiny New Emblems

It’s nice to get more Emblems, but it was a bit anticlimactic, since neither Vivica nor Melendor could unlock another Talent Grid node with my current inventory.


Last time Melandor was 3/60
And Boss Wolf was 3/70
Caedmon was 3/60


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I do not remember if I attempted stage 3 last time, but probably not as Gadeirus was a recent addition. My team is below. I bombed the final bosses with 5 bombs and 5 axes. Then was able to kill off Horghall, with riposte helping. Took out Boril and then had a rather lengthy fight with Vivica who eventually went down. Considering I was using two 3*, I am going to say that it does not seem to be more difficult.

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My lineup changed slightly for this trial, as my leveling Zimkitha at 3.63 seemed slightly more powerful than my 3.60 Cyprian. The rest of the squad was Ma North 4.80+3, Elk 3.70, Gadeirus 4.70+7, and Caedmon 4.70.

The boss fight probably took longer than last time, without the Riposte damage to take care of Horghall, though it was nice to be able to drop red tiles on him. I muddled my way through, taking Boril down first, then Horghall, and finally the 5 minute Vivica fight.

I’ll probably bring Zim next time, as she should be close to max and more effective accordingly.

Craft used was minor heal, minor mana, and regular mana.

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Zim, Elk, Boril, Hansel, Viv

I had to flee at the end because I found myself in an endless loop with Viv, and my zim and Viv.
There wasn’t any bonus damage after 5 mins so it was useless to continue.
Last time I won last level… =(

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Did you end up going back with battle items or a different team approach?

If you saw my post upthread, 3* Brienne is actually remarkably effective for upping damage output if you have her.

Otherwise the usual mix of Dragon Attacks and Bombs can overcome the endless cycle of healing.

I went with Rigard / Caedmon / Zim / Hansel / Vivica

Used some mana pots for Hansel to stop Viv.
Caedmon to dispel any buffs.
Viv and Rigard for survival.

Timestop in case I ran out of mana pots. Nothing spectacular.


It was near the end of the trail and I didn’t have the time to forge bombs or such {I did use some when I lost though}. + I would have had to flask because I was out of flags (too late to regen) I spent most of my flags on doing s2 these days…

Maybe I’ll prepare more next time. We’ll see.


I used this lineup:

I used 4 bombs and 5 axes to speedup the process, otherwise it could’ve taken longer than 5 minutes.
For the next trial I’ll probably max Melendor.

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