[Mar 3, 2019] Trials of Serenity Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Not really… Sonya and Cyprian still stay at 3/60… The only additions are maxed Tyrum and maxed Prisca. Here is my old team:

They didn’t participate in the last stage as I was still at level 29 at that time thus ineligible from participating.

Carpet Bombing!!! :heart_eyes:
Axes, Bombs, Dragons, along with Healing Potions (225).

Yes, I lost 20 energy… I lost the first attempt at the last stage :sob:
Here is my failed team:

I ditch Gunnar for Tyrum because his low damage and ice element didn’t help, especially without healing to complememt spirit link and the fact that his skill negate Cyprian’s Riposte. Maybe I made the wrong choice? Should I had use him for survival? Afterall this team could not pass the last mob wave…

Anyway, I decided that I still using too many ice hero thus I replace Sonya 3/60 with Prisca who can heal herself when attacking, it give me 3 purple stack. I ditch non-healing bonus troop for those who give healing bonus even if it has less power in order to maximize healing from potions. My team power drop from 2600 to 2500 but I manage to get to the boss stage with the help of 3 axes and 10 healing potions. I use the remaining items for carpet bombing and the bosses are left with 7 hp:

I’m still saving it, I don’t bother tinking about 5* at the moment, I want to use them on Sonya when maxed unless I can get Falcon. Still undecided on Ranger’s emblems.