(Mar 27) No Titan loot...? Sometimes?

Sorry I cant find any topics relate to this , thats why Im writting it as new topic.
One of our alliance member who has 3rd highest score didnt get any loot today and one WHO’s was not with the highest score hot better loot.
I know you look to each person total participation and score not only one.
But our concern is about the one who didnt get any and it happened before to me a couple of time as Well .
Will uou please check this out for us.
Im only writting because its not the first time

Do you mean titan loot? Did this person check their “recent activity” tab to see if they didn’t actually get the loot? Cause sometimes the game glitches and doesn’t show the “Defeated!” window pop up but the loot is still there. And getting worse loot than “better” player is normal in titans, it’s all random :woman_shrugging:

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Yes he did, and so did I when i didnt received anything twice

I couldnt finde the categori “ Titan loot” thats why i wrote this categori

Well, if you’re sure it’s a bug you should contact the support through game, there is nothing that can be done here on the forum


Hello guys, we just finished an 11* red titan, i made 180k points, but I did not receive any titan loot.

This loot loot was from my alt account, but I do not know why it is appearing in my main acc, because I did not received any loot here. Is this an overlapping issue?

Same here Twice I didnt get any Titan loot and mostly i always have the highest score and today one of our member who had the third highest score didnt get any loot .
Not only that the one with lower score gets better loot than me as i Said i have the highest score 98% og the time

If you are not receiving titan loot @Devina, take screen shots of titan results and recent activity and fill in a support ticket. @suntanglory has provided a link if you’re not sure how to do this in game.

People on the forum are players like you and we can’t do anything about these issues. It certainly sounds strange that you’re not getting loot. I’ve been playing for over a year now, and have never had this happen. GL.

Actually a little while ago people wasn’t getting titan loot. Was sorted out in the end.

Can’t find the thread @Guvnor

Yeah that was solved & resolved (although people weren’t overly satisfied…)

This is that thread:

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What I’ve noticed is the claim window isn’t showing. The loot is going directly to my inventory, that happened with the last titan and, it just happened this morning with monster reward chest.

@Sarah2 thanks, for your reply.
Yes, it Sound crazy, Ive been playing since 15 aug 2018 it only happened twice to me and once for another alliance member.
You Can see our chat on Discord about that I took a screenshot.

I know you can’t do anything , I just wanted to make sure it dont happens again or too often.

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