[Mar 27, 2019] πŸ”΅ Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

No, my team is getting better so the trials is getting easier, the change in difficulty do not impact me on this trials.

Considerably, I change Namahage with Azar for her mana cut but what change most is the level of my 4* heroes, in the last trial they were only at 3/60, now they are at 4/50-55:

10 mana potions, 5 arrows, 3 bombs, 1 dragon attack.

Yes, Boldtusk is my strongest hero, not only for this class.

It reduce the item consumption of carpet bombing.

When those 4* are maxed, Hu Tao will get one node, Boldtusk will get the remaining fighter emblems, Grimm will get all of the barbarian emblems.