🔵 [Mar 25, 2020] Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss

Curious why you went to kill Azlar first when using Miki?
Since Miki silences 3 people, I always make sure to select the middle one to silence, so it silences all 3 bosses ,then I can kill a side one first, otherwise if you have killed the middle Boss, you now have to either charge Miki 2 times (potentially wasting mana pots) or silence one but let the other go off, killing or seriously injuring your heroes.


Have the same team as last time: Peters +1 / Marjana +8 / Grimm +20 / Domitia / Little John

Used a lot of healing potions, nothing else. No problems at all.

Trainer went to Jean-François (now 3/59 – have to see what comes in Valhalla to decide whether to max him…). Emblems, probably Marjana. Barbarian emblems don’t really have a candidate (Obakan and Mok-Arr are meh, Stonecleave or my second Grimm are more likely at this point — I feel like Stonecleave is gravely underrated, by the way, but not sure if emblem-worthy.)

Team last time

Fairly short fight, went from left to right. Scarlett was taken out before she could fire. Azlar followed shortly after firing on a prepared BK, so that didn’t do too much damage. Nash fired off prompting me to spend a health on Kage and GF, but not too tough of a fight this time.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Ursena who is coming up on her second tier.


I needed some healing pots to finish the trial but nothing major.


So excited to finally have a rogue healer! I replaced Fire Captain Elena with Bryn.

  • On the bench: 2 Jackals, Gretel, Tony Danza, Miki 3.70, Parasol Li, Cabin Boy, Marjana, Scarlett, Musashi, Fire Captain Elena
  • Up and coming: Jackal #3 3.29, Dom 2.60


No issues getting to the bosses. I started the fight well, but there just weren’t enough green tiles to keep her (and one of the Grimm’s) up.

Still, even with the losses, I used zero items, so there’s that.

Trainer to Telluria. I actually got the last barb emblem I needed to finish Kage from a mystic vision this morning, so perhaps Grimm will start getting them again. Rogue emblems have been going to Khiona, but with the meta shift, I am considering moving them all to Marjana.


I went for Azlar first, because he does the most damage. I don’t mind Mana-potion as much as I do reviving. Also I did not bring any cleansing with me, so DoT for 5 was to be avoided. But I get your point!


When I am using Miki, I make sure the bosses don’t fire at all, this way all 3 get silenced and none fire.


Thanks. I finished Morlovia before I did the trials. Having Heimdall helps because I walked into the final stage with essentially double health. I didn’t have to use much, if all, craft items due to a very lucky 10+ combo on that stage.


They are rare heroes, but there are at least two available for these trials now: Puss in Boots and Brynhild.


My team:

Azlar didn’t fire thanks to Miki but my heroes still barely survived. The lack of a healer in these classes makes these trials more difficult but I managed to finish it without using any items.

New emblems are for Azlar and Domitia.


My team I used this time:

In the last stage I had to use some healing potions and few antidotes, but nothing major:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change… double Grimm is great.

On Bench

Screenshot at Mar 26 03-00-37

The Battle

All mana charged and decent board.

Last shot is dance of fire from Kelile :muscle:
Used 5 Heal (because no healers) and 1 antidots to clear from Azlar burn.


Emblems both keep inventory.
Trainer goes to Grazul.


If only all this had been here hours ago when I naively attempted lvl 3. I would have know automatically not to bother. The alt which had a whole 5 (~semi viable candidates) romped through lvl 1 (as it should have with 2524 tp). The main account which is superior but still with dreadful options had to work harder for lvl 1, but it was still easily doable, proceeded to be nuked on lvl 2 (almost made it but I used every material I had brought with me and then (see below) the damned thing (Vlad?), just one left; picked me off one at a time and with ~180 pts to go, it was over. (Yes, I could share the team and what I’ll hear is; “I/we could have told you that that will never work! You should have asked!”). Clearly, I realise this now!

The annoying thing for me is that because I don’t really spend gems to continue I read the dialogue and thought; "great, live heroes, mats…). Well I got the live heroes, no mats!! Total annihilation ensued within 3-4 turns. You live and learn I suppose! :thinking:

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Thanks, I’ve updated the OP and added in an additional part to that question :slight_smile:

Like in a previous trial:

Marjana, Scarlett, Grimm+20, Grimm, Azlar

Healing potions, antidotes.

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Last time:

This time:

I decided to play around a little bit for this one, highlighted by the use of Nordri. For levels (from left to right): 3.60, +19, 4.52, 3.50, and 3.70.

As always, I tried to set up the final stage–the picture above for this time is after one move!

I didn’t have a problem keeping Nord alive as I put him under Brynhild’s wing. This was the first time I used Bryn and I loved it! (I will probably level my second one and try her at both flanks.) I used a few minor healing/mana pots but that’s it. LJ died on the final stage but I didn’t bother even trying to keep him alive, given the massive hit on the first turn.

Trainer and emblems for Marj and Barb emblems banked.

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Would have liked a blue hero or two, but had to go with a 3-2 red green lineup…

Total team power 3031! Just to give hope to those out there with less strong teams.

Scarlett 4-53
Little John 3-46
Gormek 3-41
Brynhild 4-61 (v useful)
Kelile 3-29

Minor healing potions, antidotes (vital) and 5 bombs used. Job done.

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BK, PiBs, G.Kong, Alice, Kageburado


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I don’t know anything about Brynhild at all, but the rest of that is worse (not worse, just not as levelled up (your Scarlett is better than mine, but my Gormek is a monster compared to yours) than what I took to the party: lvl 3 (twice I think!! It was!) and it was carnage. A complete bloodbath (and yes I am going to invoke the bad board special pleading claim on this). But a bloodbath is still a bloodbath. After round one vs lvl 3 (parts A & B) and then round two? I had lost the heart.