[Mar 24, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I had more heroes available than last time I did this trial, as I have leveled a couple of Paladins who were able to help out. My team was Wu Kong (4.70), Wilbur (4.70), Sonya (4.70), Frida (3.70: replaced Bane), and Guardian Falcon (4.70: replaced Cyprian 3.60).

Last time, I basically had to carpet bomb my way through, but this time that wasn’t necessary. I went in with minor heals, axes, bombs, and dragon attacks. I opened up the boss encounter with a bomb and a dragon attack, and then proceeded to carefully play it through. I used another bomb once the debuff wore off, but was able to knock them down without further craft. Oh–I burned through all of my minor heals, too.

I watched my wife play through the same screen with Aegir, and his special was impressive for this trial. Her team was Valeria, Aegir, Cyprian, Friar Tuck, and Bane. The 3* did not survive the final battle, but Cyprian’s counter-attack worked well. She used a little more craft than I did, but not much more.


Had to use me bombs and some potions


Used this bunch of boofheads:

Aegir v2 was iceman of the match, as there weren’t any other healing options. Didn’t use much healing and used one or two of each the big attacks

Strangely I usually set wu off before the multi attackers, as it greatly increases their mediocre damage

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Sorry I didn’t take a pic before I finished the stage , but I used the same team last time .
Li Xiu 4.70 , Wu Kong 4.70, Cyprian 4.70, Drake Fong 4.40, Sonya 3.60.

A sizeable battle power of 3350 or so.
Cost 1 bomb, 1 dragon attack, 1 times stop, maybe a few healing potions . Wu Died in the end , but I got the emblems.


Here’s my team for this trial:


Only able to complete Stage 2. :frowning: Not unexpected, given I had to field a 3* among them. And I’m not too disappointed, since I obviously don’t have anything imminently in need of those extra emblems.

EDIT: Still feels like a waste of 20 flags, and if they continue like this, I will most likely just stop bothering to even attempt Stage 3 until I have a ridiculously powerful team for a given trial.

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I think these are probably doable with a team like that, as long as you can make it to the final stage, and then carpet bomb the bosses with items.

But I’m not sure it’s really worth it to do that twice a week for the extra bit of Emblems and Trainer Hero when you don’t have an imminent use for the Emblems anyway. Keeping up with the Forge production for that is a decent amount of resources.

But if you do end up deciding to try Stage 3 in Class Trials, I’d suggest bringing along Bombs and Dragon Attacks at least, so you don’t get stuck at the end. I’d use the other item slots for Minor Healing Potions, and then either Healing Potions or Axes, depending on whether you wanted more help with getting to the bosses, or more help killing them with items.

I didn’t ss my team while in the challenge, but here’s what I used. I carpet bombed at the end mostly out of laziness but probably could’ve done it without, though there’s a high chance my Tuck would’ve died. I’m weak on monks. :confused:


My team last time.

My team this time. I actually attempted the final stage. There were a few moments that i doubted if i was going to finish or not. But, i did it! I think my improved troops really had a hand in this.
The most notable change is that my falcon was now fully leveled to be able to use in this trial. I’m not sure what his level was during the last. I really wanted to field a rainbow team. I was definitely way less sure of myself last time too.
I used almost all my items I brought except for my mana pots.

I do have a Wu that is getting close to maxed now. During the last time that this trial occurred he wasn’t even 3/60. That is a more recent advancement. I only ever use him for titans. But as my alliance is dipping into 5* titans I’m finding that i need at least fully maxed 4* or 3/70 heroes so they survive. Since I’m not lacking in Orbs, i knew he needs to be a hero that is maxed.
I wanted the extra fire power/hit all and mana cut that Li Xiu offers for this.
My Ares was definitely instrumental in my finishing. His heal over time helped me only need to use the pots i had on mostly Li and Richard. Cyperian’s counter attack also proved useful even though he doesn’t actually have any damage given otherwise in his special.
I’m holding onto the emblems I got. Not in a big hurry to give them out. I’m treating them like the unfarmables that they are.