🏅 [Mar 23, 2019] 1st Raid Tournament! — 4* Rush Attack, All Elements

Yelnats is post 524 above and placed 1-5 percent with a 7195 score.

Looks like I scored higher than Van Zille and Zephyr as well.

20 wins, not attacked, higher score, lower tier. Not that I greatly care, but what is that?

Buggy game is buggy, I guess.



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That’s ridiculous. Those getting 50-100 emblems are getting a HUGE advantage over those of us who didn’t get much. They need a better testing system so things like this doesn’t happen again.

Way to fix the raid tournaments - allow strict number of rerolls (maybe 10) before accepting each fight? Keep the difficulty points based on the team power of the defense you end up choosing to fight?

This way people could have a choice to either fight easier battles but get less points, or try harder opponents for more points - but with a risk of losing.

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Even just giving a player two opponents to choose from would be interesting. Show them everything; how many points they can score and the exact defense teams.


Yup, would work too.

It’s interesting that the initial beta version of the raids had limited reroll system, but this launch version doesn’t. I think this is exactly what we were missing. Although each reroll should gradually give you stronger opponents for this to work I think…

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I think that revenge must be available in a tournament as well. It will be a way to ensure that every attacker has correspondent number of attacks on their defense team.

It means that each player has 5 attacks and 5 revenges. Revenges not need extra flags it’s just a second half of attacks.

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Man I already miss the raid tournament… I really want to finish this raid chest!

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Just like in beta, l am completely opposed to pay to play content, that is truly unfair.
Yes there is more work to be done to balance this new game content.
Putting it behind a pay wall is not the answer.
Everyone deserves to be able to play.


I completely agree.

What I would also like to see is some exact rewards rather than rewards always being a roller coaster.

eg: You reach this teer, this is what you get.
instead of, this is what you might/could/or most likely not get.

You’re very right! Those that do get the 50-100 emblems are usually players that are top ranked (and will continue to be top ranked and continue to get the 50-100 emblem loots). The spread between these top players and the lower to middle ranked just keeps getting wider and wider because they keep getting rewarded these HUGE valuable loots. Not fun!

If you check the tournament leader board, you’ll see that top players have cups less than 2200. They are not even in the Diamond league in normal raids. So what kind of top ranking you are talking about?


The rules for these tournaments will vary from week to week. I actually think that’s one of the best things about this. Not only does it keep things from getting boring, but the person at the top one week will not necessarily be there under different rules.

I think the cut off point for top 1% is near 7500th

Top 100 alliances form 3000 players. Leaves plenty of room for any 4 star line-up to compete. And even in thevtop 100 alliances not everyone is going to get the flawless 20 victories.

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I sure didn’t see any top players in the top of this most recent tourney (and yes, I know it was buggy).

Hello zephyr1, I’d like to know the best way to express my concern about these new tournaments. The idea itself is great, but now you have another great and fast source of ascension items, alongside titans, and the importance of wars get even more diminished.
I believe this game is different from othes exactly because you have to participate of alliances and contribute to make it grow, creating friendship between it’s members and the willing to cooperate with one anothers.
The thing is:

  1. killing titans is somewhat automatic, every day it’s just about the same. It’s boring and we keep doing it only because of the loot.
  2. these new tournaments represent now a big source of items. They seem nice but also a very selfish way to play.
  3. now, wars, that are the true engine of this game, that make people create and follow strategies, truly cooperate to defeat another alliance, to analize and study the game, the glue that stitch the members together and feed friendships, they are relegated to a terciary source of items.

Hi, @BST83, welcome to the Forum!

I was going to point you to a couple threads with feedback on the Tournaments specific to loot relative to Wars/Titans, but I see you’ve already posted similar feedback in three threads, so that’ll probably suffice. :slight_smile:

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Tournament leader 8833… Me , no losses… score a little over 7500… my team never got attacked at all , so a c grade everyday or four days 2000 points… c= 500… A grade = 900… so I’m under the assumption that to get to the top you have to get attacked for a A grade. Which we have no control over. Clearly I would be on top with a A grade… the system is flawed… I think it would seem fair for everybody to get attacked at least 5 to 10 times a day, and make it to where everybody gets attacked the same amount of times, not one more so than the other… with this system I didn’t even have a shot to get an A grade

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