[Mar 22, 2020] 48th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, No Purple/Dark

Here my idea for this tournament

It may change

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47 tournaments behind me with position 1-5% without any 4* ascend item


A little help maybe?

I’d be putting Li Xiu in instead of Wu Kong.

I’d also try to get her closet to the centre… So maybe:
Grimm -> Boldtusk -> Buddy -> Li Xiu -> Melendor

@Grumpigamer thanks, this is really helpful. I’ll probably put Kiril and LJ as flanks, they have more emblems. Then Hu and Colen can go into the wings.

Interesting, thanks for the help!

So Li Xiu without emblems > + 19 Grimm for survivability purposes and mana control? Should I emblem Li Xiu some if I have the ability?

My 5s Hero selection (I know not allowed in this tourney) is pretty thin for emblems so I could always re-emblem when I have that ability.

This is my current thinking…

Any alternative suggestions welcome.

My Roster

Li Xiu is pretty solid hero generally speaking so may not need many emblems.

For me I put her closer than Grimm for two reasons.
First is the mana cut… Bloody annoying when firing at very fast speed.
Second is that you already have buddy doing some defence debuffing. So it’s not critical that Grimm also be in the middle firing quickly all the time too.

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That makes great sense. Thanks so much! I’ll try to remember to give my defense grade as the tournament progresses!

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Just a quick question on the topic of my lineup! You have suggested this order Melendor-Wilbur-Kiril-LiXiu-Kelile. In the case both Wilbur and Kiril are charged up wouldnt Wilbur go first (+60% defense) and Kiril second (+30% defense) and negate Wilbur’s special? Or maybe i am not understanding the firing order properly? Thanks in advance!

They will yes. But it relies on them both bring charged simultaneously.

I mainly organised it like that to keep:

  1. Melendor on the left (debuff fire first)
  2. Wilbur and Kelile away from each other
  3. Li Xiu as close in as I could.
  4. Strongest as your tank (Kiril)

Great that makes sense thanks again!

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Any ideas?
I don’t know if Hu Tao with no emblems is a good choice.

My options are:

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This one is my vote.

But you can also swap Chao in for Gretel & still be pretty sweet


My first thought.

Maybe I reset BT for the emblems just for this week.

Eh, not worth the food/ iron cost imo.

What do y’all think of this team?

I went for the mana, LJ for mana debuff and danza for mana buff.

No place for colen and 2 jackals+20,+17, Grimm+20, falcon+19 :frowning:

Last Time Defense Team

I think ended up with Grade B or C (only record until day 3).

So my 1st draft.

Thinking, maybe I should have one healer… Kiril or maybe Gadeirus…

On Bench

Any advices are very welcome.

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I will try with this one.

Here’s my initial look at a defense:


I’m having trouble deciding who should be in the middle:

Boldtusk+19: he’s very durable, but attackers can stack Blue against him; if attacker stacks Blue, then they are neutral against the flanks and both Hu Tao and Li Xiu have “punishing” specials.

Li Xiu (no emblems): the inability to stack Purple means she could almost match Boldtusk’s tile durability in the center for this tournament; and when her special fires, it slows down the enemy team a bit, perhaps allowing others on my team to fire first. (EDIT: I yanked emblems away from Li Xiu to give them all to Joon… if she was still at +18, she would easily stand in the middle here. :frowning: )

Hu Tao (no emblems): same as Li Xiu, no Purple stacks; and when his special fires, it blinds enemies, reducing further incoming damage by a reasonable amount; but he isn’t as durable as Li Xiu to sit in the middle.

I’m torn - because if Boldtusk fires once, why not just keep pouring tiles into him to try to fix a bad board? But it’s less appealing to pour tiles into Li Xiu or Hu Tao as they do damage AND hinder your attack.

Anyone care to help me decide? :wink:

Good gaming!

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