🔱 [Mar 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

The only good thing , if we compare to costume rigard, is the protection against aliments. Which indeed is why Grazul is considered good.

What pushes me back to consider aeron is the elemental Link. So poor atk boost . While Rigard gives 48%.

Thats why i tilted, because Aeron was totally outclassed . By the time i max one Aeron i can max two or three Rigard with costume bonus .

Its sad but i have to live with It , Aeron was powercreeped.

Aeron is nice, if a bit outdated, too. Don’t hunt for him, but if he’ll pop up he’ll be a cool addition for a dark stack.

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In the 12 attempts to win a Rigard (I haven’t yet) and a Tarlak is very good. Unfortunately he disputes tonics with Kingston, but I want to see if in 3/70 he surpasses Wu Kong. I wanted Proteus and Wilbur but it’s next time.


Telluria, Azlar, Melendor, Kashrek, Triton and Wilbur in 12 pulls. (Coins and today’s offer). I’m more than happy.

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same for me… and this time… 10 pull aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…

no Ursena again…
2 4* dupes (triton, cyprian)
8 3* dupes (jahangir, belith, muggy 2x, chochin 3x, carver)


1 x Telluria… nice!

but Ursena keeps evading me…


4 coin-pulls:
Namahage 3, muggy (fodder), Agwe (new, but a subpar 4*), and ulmer. Keep hoping for proteus…

Hey this is a thread where where you can compare your results of of your Atlantis summons!

Did you get any featured Hero or the hero of the month?

  • HOTM
  • Featured Hero
  • Any other 5* hero of S2
  • Normal 5*
  • None of the above

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Which one did you get?

  • Anzogh
  • Inari
  • Ursena
  • Aeron
  • Telluria
  • No featured hero

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What else did you get?

  • 5* S2 Hero
  • 5* S1 Hero
  • Good 4* Hero
  • Only 3*

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How many summons and did you get what you wanted ?

  • 1-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-50
  • 50+
  • I got what I wanted
  • I didn’t

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Are you happy with your results?

  • Yes completely
  • It’s ok
  • I’m not happy

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if you would like to share your new Heros, please post a pic down below.

2020 HOTM compared

Best hotm of 2019

Gneral Atlantis Thead

Telluria Details

Anzogh Details

Good luck and feel free to contact me if I missed something!


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I only got this guy, with 5 summons

Nice poll.

I am hoarding coins to summon for returning GM. Pulled only once for the lucky Ursena - got Mnesseus.

Not going to summon anymore this time.


I wish you more luck next time

I’m with you @Suicide_Bunny, he’s eluded me for much too long. He WILL be mine!!!


Which one do you mean @PapaHeavy

I only summoned on my alt, hoping to get Wilbur or a 5*.

  • 100 coins: Sumitomo 2 fed to Guardian Falcon
  • bought 2 offers (50 coins, 800 gems): Gobbler 2, Triton, Melia

Gobbler will be fed to Heimdall. Triton is new & good for that roster. Melia is the xth.

On my main I’m hoarding for Seshat in June.


Triton is very nice in my opinion :slight_smile: I got him on 3/60 and have to decide between him and Vela to level up


I’m holding my gems for Gravemaker. Mays returning HotM is GM. Not anything I don’t have or really want here, other than Telluria but I took my shot.


Not really sure why I voted, didn’t expect more than a 3* with my 1 coin summon.


@AngelOfDark666 Seshat would be a dream


I got this guy . Only did 7 pulls . I plan to do 3 more for portal chest .

I dont know how to feel


Every one counts :slight_smile: I just play a few more stages to get coins and summon again :smiley:

Damn congratulations!

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