🔱 [Mar 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

Everyone showing their brand new ursenas .
I got the ugly Guy. You know what ? He doesnt even work as feeder .

Gonna leave the game. Im the unlucky Guy ever.

7 pulls all 3*. No ursena , no Telluria . Only a legedanry that was absolutly outclassed by a 4*

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Only do a 10 pull each Atlantis, if I do it. After 9 months i receive another 2 5*. Ursena of coins :slight_smile:

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a legendary hero in 7 pulls and you think you’re the unluckiest guy ever? Tell that to the guy who did 200 pulls with no legendary


I received the worst legendary from the whole game.
Sadest part is that there were another three mates in the lotery bonification.

No way id Happy with the outcome .

100 Atlantis coins on a dupe Danzaburo


then give it to me. I don’t mind a dupe 5 star hero. You can have a Dawa back since you hate him so much you think it’s a good trade right?

a 5 star hero in 7 pulls is amazing luck. I did 80 pulls last month before I finally got a 5 star.


I wasn’t going to make any pulls, but caved and did a single pull.

I was so excited when I saw the purple glowing light.

I was less excited when I saw the renfeld that came after it.


Did 5 pulls with coins, got 5 3*.
Did a 10 pull and got this:

I wasn’t planning on pulling this AR since I already have Inari and would only need ursena from the featured heroes, so I am extremely happy with the result. After 2 years of playing I finally am on a lucky streak since I got guin and JF in a 10 pull Last month!


Bobi i got what you are saying . But its true than i dont have a Big roster to ignore bad 5* .
I need the good ones . Im not even talking about overpowered like ursena .
But if i had pulled inari , or even aznogh i would havent posting this cry.

Im just tilted . Yourself told me that you regreted for maxing Aeron … SG create a HOTM with such limitations and then create a 4* that everyone can have for lot less materials that does Aeron work much better.

Anyways , im not angry with the odds , in fact i hit the 1,3% if not with the final outcome.

Good luck with your summoning. I will be posting here if i get something better when i get the offers later

Three Atlantis coins summons: Sabina / Oberon / Melendor. O, that Proteus would one day drop…

Sorry which 4* are you referring to exactly?

Costumed Rigard . He dispells , he heals for more during the 3 turns. He gives more attack and no only for dark … And with some emblems and bonus costume has less attack but the same bulky than aeron


I agree, costumed Rigard is a damn beast. Leveling my second one.


I’d love to do even a single pull, given that I’m about 900 gems away from my next 10x pull. I started this AR with 70 Atlantis coins. 4 energy flasks and at least 50 battles later, I now have
73 coins!

lucky day


Wow!! Two Ursenas in a single 10-pull is very rare. Add another 5* in Sartana (three Dark 5*s), and then it’s even more crazy.


I disagree. Aeron has his place. Calling him the worst 5* in the game? I mean, have you SEEN Margaret?!


Im very tilted Mothra! Really you think that Aeron is worth ?

A “Mealia” for Mist from collected coins. No need for me to pay for pulls in Atlantis any more.

He heals all allies and dispels all ailments from himself and nearby allies, AND he and his neighbors are immune to new status ailments for 3 turns. His mana speed is Average (if he were SLOW, my opinion would be a bit lessened), but for Aeron it basically means that most people will struggle to put a status ailment on him because he will be practically immune for the entire match. He’s very good defensively in my opinion. People will have to beat him with tiles and special skill damage.


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