🔵 [Mar 18, 2020] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Sabina, Mitsy, Ursena, Hel, Kiril.

Took out proteus for Ursena just to make it more interesting. Mitsy stays because it’s fun to watch Ulmer ruin himself with his own special. I found that bringing mana pots for Hel makes it pretty easy.
Trainer will mostly be hanging around, literally we told him we are hanging him at dawn, he thinks we are kidding…
Three a couple axes and bombs to soften up the bosses but they weren’t really needed. I left the health pots at home due to the double healers.
No reset token


Took this used most items long battle

Emblems all in storage trainer to Sabina :+1:


I’ve finished with a ~3100 team but I had to use dragon attacks, bombs and axes in the last battle.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change… only Kiril has +6 now.
(All wizard team)

On Bench

Screenshot at Mar 19 05-34-51

The Battle

Mana ready… and decent board.

No so good board after some match… so need 2x minor mana, 2x bombs and 1x axe for finishing.

The Reward

Emblem soccer keep for ursena, Wizard keep for Onatel.
Trainer goes to Ei-dunn again… woops just like last week lol 2x sharan for Ei-dunn (almost max), and trainer goes to… keep for later, no high level purple in project level, CCat is still at tier 2.


Did this on my first two profiles, still need to do this on my 2nd alt. Will edit when that is done. I only did the first two stages because my team isn’t high enough to do the final stages yet.


For this one my main is extremely purple heavy. At least I have a cleanser in Gill-Ra. She helped a lot in dealing with Skittles and Ulmer. And of course costumed Hawkmoon as well providing that much needed attack buff. I could at least keep the defense down a lot by cycling Ulmer and Gill-Ra. Wizard emblems went to Lord Fishface who is at 18 rn. Sorcerer emblems are being stored. I am over 300 of them rn.

1st alt:

This profile has a bit more variety and I relied on a ton on tile damage. So it was a bit more drawn out on this one. Had two direct healers and a HoT. Wizard emblems are being saved for Lord Fishface #1, and the sorcerer emblems are gonna be split between Gill-Ra and Sabina when she maxes out.

2nd alt (will edit in when done)


I’ve been having trouble keeping up with posting while very busy with work, so I’ll do a truncated version that’s better than nothing:

Team last time

🔵 [Feb 12, 2020] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Team this time

Had fun playing this one. I had enough tiles to keep everyone charged up most of the time, and just chipped away at them. Stepped away from the double Proteus to add in Guin. Didn’t regret my decision.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to King Arthur who is over 4/50 now.


I might start on my second Proteus


@zephyr1 Just call it the No Time To Explain version. :joy::joy::joy:


Think all the key points were in there :stuck_out_tongue:

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