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Hang in there. We’ve all been there. I was strong when emblems came along, but for me it was challenge events. I was so timid the first time I tried the epic levels, and I put off legendary much longer than I should. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get there. Don’t be afraid to stretch a little, with the right heroes and battle items you can beat higher levels than you think. An alliance with stronger players and bigger titans can help you get more mats.


I am plodding along slowly. Like I said, I just managed the second level for the first time on this one (second or third time over all) and was pretty pleased to manage it with a team quite a way below the recommended TP.

If it didn’t cost so much energy I would probably attempt the highest level too, but that is a lot to lose when I am that much lower than the recommended TP.

I must admit that I do tend to forget to use items more often than not.

The alliance I am in is pretty mixed with regard to the ranks of players and I am doing pretty good for getting mats (except for those wretched gloves LOL).


Wasnt too hard used some items but probably wouldnt have had to as they board got a lot better right after using them. Just didnt want any mishaps as reflect was up.and the board was super wonky at one point

Two of my heroes were 3 of 70


This is, easily, my weakest trial. I never attempt the last one because I simply dont have enough heroes leveled up to take on this challenge. Heres what I used for the two levels I did complete.


Team last time

This time The Hatter is fully maxed so he came in for Caedmon.

The battle

It was fun watching The Hatter stealing buffs from the bosses, Horghall hurting himself from such. At the end no item was used.

The trainer, emblems and reset saved for now.


Taken a few time stops that team wins easy


Last time:

This time. Dropped an old man for a pretty, little sailor!

Went more or less smooth, Ranvir being a constant disappointment notwithstanding.

Base Lianna will eat the trainer. Gadeirus got his first chew. Cleric emblems saved for Mist.

And ty as always, zephyr, for all the work you do! :hugs::partying_face:


Threw Grazul in the mix this time just for fun but forgot to screenshot the team. Easy breezy today :slight_smile:

Kunchen is finally complete at +18, woohoo!!!


Team last time

Same team this time
Same battle as last time, plenty of healing with three hitters a dispeller and a mana controller and mana increaser. Works well for me on this trial.

Nice to get another reset emblem, thanks SGG. Emblems saved for now, trainer goes to Arthur who is now just 2 away from his 4th ascension.

Slightly off topic, but yesterday my nail on my middle finger finally started growing in one piece after 27 years of being split in two pieces. It’s my tapping finger because it has limited feeling in it, lolz. It’s been crushed in a truck door, tip nipped off in a hydraulic shear, and sucked into a belt sander. I guess since it’s the longest finger on my right hand, it’s always getting into trouble. Anyway, milestone for me!


Swapped Rigard for MN this time
Grazul, Gade, Boril, Caedmon and Mommy North.

Went terrible for the 1st time in awhile. Managed to burn them down with a few dragon attacks in the end but it was close. Only Grazul still standing.

Reset token, Trainer is hanging with the rest awaiting sentencing.


This trial is sooooooo…so…so…enduring?! My husband was busy with the last level for over 10 minutes and I was happy about MN reviving and reviving and reviving. It’s just long and boring against Vivica…

My team last time, went with this again…Thought about putting costumed Sonya in, but remembered the bosses.

This time - more power:

  • Cleric emblems stocked for MN
  • Druid emblems went to the 7th node of Vela, stopped for the moment
  • Trainer goes to Buddy, I think…

This time I tried 3:1:1. It didn’t go too bad, but took a while, due to Vivica’s constant healing. Boril went first, I tried to debuf his riposte as often as possible with Melendor. Elkanen and Horghall slowly did their bit. I was never in danger, but it took a long time. Emblems will be saved, trainer went to Heimdall


My team this time:

  • Vela 4^61
  • Melendor +20
  • Rigard +20
  • Boril +19
  • Caedmon +14

Compared to last time, Caedmon is up three talents, Boril is up one, and Vela is up to 4^61 from 3^56.

Although I am able to complete this without offensive battle items now, it’s still super annoying because of the lack of damage dealers. Vela is better than no Vela, but I need one more hitter to go with her and Caedmon. As it is, navigating the mobs is cake with two healers. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, but again, that doesn’t really mean much damage. Essentially, I’m waiting for Horghall to kill himself on Boril’s riposte, which is annoying when the timing is off, as it was once during this fight. I ended up using my healers’ specials and several potions while trying to entice him to commit suicide. After he falls, it’s much easier, as Viv and Boril don’t deal damage, but staying ahead of Viv’s heal can be tough. Finally got a decent cascade to kill Boss Boril, and still took some time to bring down Viv because of a lack of firepower. Still, I was able to eventually whittle her down without using any more items.

Emblems take Boril to +20, because why not? I don’t have better cleric options. Caedmon falls a little short of his next talent. Trainer hero goes to Gobbler, again, because why not?


Trials by Guv - Fortitude

Last Time

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Guvs Fortitude History:

Team This Time

Lots of major changes this time…

  • New to my team since the last Fortitude trials are Costume Lianna & a second hansel. So they come in for Grazul & Zimkitha.
  • Also have the Costume Bonus for 3-70 Horghall which adds a bit of Umph to him.
  • Next time I may switch Guardian Owl in for Horghall… See what happens

Other Options

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Autoplay sorted out the first couple rounds as usual

*Final Battle - Trials of Fortitude 15th March

The Baby Alt

Alt has been put on the backburner… Recently started playing another game & as such don’t have time for 3 accounts + the forum lol


  • Reset Token = YES
  • Druid Emblems = 869 in the bank for now… Probably start spending them on Owl…
  • Cleric Emblems = 34 / 50 for Ariel Node 13
  • Trainer = Fed to Evelyn (now 4/55)


I used:
Costumed Sonya +6
Melendor 4/70
Rigard +18
Hansel +16
Mist 4/70

I had Ranvir+9 out instead of Melendor for first 2 stages but then I remembered Boril in boss fight so I brought Melendor. Obviously I completely forgot about Mist’s effects, because those were all it took. She was extremely useful in this fight, as she was able to regularly outpace Boril and block his counter, as well as Viv’s def up. Mist is really, really cool.

Also Ranvir will probably have his emblems taken from him and given to Vela once she’s maxed. I use Miki practically everywhere and even in raid/war defense he was replaced by Costume Viv. Duh. So thanks for that Reset Emblem.


This isn’t looking good. I had to use a 3* Battle Item to beat Stage 2. I could pull costume from Brienne to go Druid and Hawkmoon to go Cleric.


Same team as last time. Lepus is now as finished as he’s going to be with emblems.

  • On the bench: Ariel, Grazul, Viv, Rigs, Gad, Mel, Gafar, Caed, Boril, Hansel, Agwe, Elk 3.70, Alb 3.70, Viking Sonya #1 and #2
  • Up and coming: Mist 4.53

Got to the bosses…um…yeah. Not a great start. I had to fall back on mana and health pots to get through Horghall.

I was distracted, and missed my moment to fire with counter-attack down twice

The outcome was never in question, however. Trainer to Bryn, emblems to Viv and Vela.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only emblems is higher.

On Bench

Screenshot at Mar 16 06-22-07

The Battle

Great start mana charged and great board.

Just like before, without items… :+1:


Emblem Druid not decided, but I prefer stock for Vela. Cleric stock for now.
Trainer goes to Ei-Dunn, I mean 2x Sharan… trainer keep later for Telluria.


No screens today. Used Rig (+19), Caed (+10), Mist (4.55), Boril (3.60), and Mel (4.70).

It, as always, was a battle if attrition due to my lack of hitters in these classes, but the result was never in doubt. Cleric emblems banked for Rig to reach 20 and druid undecided. Trainer likely to go to Bry.

HUGE shout-out to the new girl in town… Mist. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Happy hunting.


Stage 3, good heavens! What a disgusting display! This is Gold caliber in an upper Diamond Arena world…

One gem continue, one Time Stop, one Super Healing Potion, all five Bombs, and all five Dragon Attacks. I hope it was worth it…


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