[Mar 13, 2019] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Any chance the attack buff was set to expire? And was the buff really gone or was the status icon simply missing (a known bug)?


Elena was killed by the attack buff, so it would be on. And she was with the riposte icon

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As expected, this Trial went quite easily for me — I only used 7 minor healing and 2 minor mana, mostly out of caution.

Given that I clearly don’t need the Dragon Attacks or Bombs, I’ll use a slot for antidotes next time, which might have even saved me a couple of the healing/mana pots from Oberon’s Toxic Traps.

3-60 Colen eventually died, and I stopped bothering to heal 4-70 Hu Tao who came close to dying, but the double Boldtusk/Kiril healing and Proteus’s mana freeze really made things quite easy.

Next time around Kiril will be maxed, which will make things even easier, so I don’t have to babysit his health as much.

Boldtusk got another Talent Grid node unlocked after Stage 2, but both he and Proteus are getting far enough along that the other Emblems couldn’t afford another upgrade for either of them.

As much as I truly enjoy the Class Trials, it’s becoming clear that even though SG said they’re a significant source of Emblems, you really need Emblems from a mix of every source to make good progress on Talent Grid upgrades.

That’s true even on 4* heroes, and is certainly even more true on 5*, where the Emblems from each Class Trial barely make a dent on a single node.


Okay, I see what happened: Zeline first attacks and then applies a -attack effect. Because her attack killed Elena, Elena wasn’t alive to receive the -attack effect, so when she revived herself, she was clear.


That is wicked in case you have just one hero left hanging by the nails, lol
Would be interesting to recreate it with Kageburado to c firm

I included it in the list of questions to prompt responses, but consider the third poll added for all future threads! :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t thought about this sequence before. It means, e.g., that if Azlar kills your fighter outright, when revived it won’t have the burn DoT running. But if the DoT kills it, the DoT remains after revival.

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Test all of thise, plus the Kageburado scenario

Took me more items than expected.
Boards where not that great and no yellow in your team isn’t the best for last level.

Just decided that kiril will have the emblems as I am no where near finishing sartana soon due to lack of materials. So for the time being, let him play with some emblems instead of letting them do nothing in my favor.


Except for Elena (3.70), the rest of the team is maxed

Items used: only 1 minor mana

Proteo + counter attack = easy win


I just beat all 3 stages with this team. No items used. Magni went to Emblem 3 afterwards

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No boom used, 1st try.
Dedicated: Proteus :sunglasses:


Merlin 4/70+5, Boldtusk 4/70+6, Boldtusk 3/60, Proteus 4/10, Kiril 4/15.

Sailed all earlier stages and mobs, feeling confident with final bosses, good team and specials all ready. Completely screwed it up, the happyhippo went for a mud bath or something, minimal damage to bosses and just Kiril left so carpet bombed them out. Embarrassing! Not sure what to do next time, take antidotes instead of red pots probably. Delilah would be handy!

Click for original reply - Current team, change, items, emblems, planning

Current team

Proteus 4*+4 ( was Kashhrek 4* 3.60 )
Kiril 4* 4.37
Boldtusk 4* 4.38
Valen 3* 3.50
Hu Tao 4* 3.60

Valen died during Challenging stage. But “grave damage” means he still did double matching/ tile damage against red mobs.

Having a blue, and a red healer, made healing relatively easy.

Team Change

Off color, 1 day, power leveled Proteus to 4*+3 for Challenge events, so I swapped Proteus in and Kashhrek out. Kashhrek’s heal is only nearby and his Protection from red is not as useful since AI attacks are colorless.


I got some lucky boards so Proteus stayed charged allowing me to suppress the Bosses’ mana without using 100% mana potion. Only used Attacks- 2x Dragon, 2x Bomb and 1x Arrow.


Spent my wizard emblems on Proteus ( now 4*+6 ).

While I am saving the fighter emblems for Boldtusk when he reaches 4* 4.70 . When Kiril reaches 4* 4.70, I will take him to 4*+1 for Jinx + Combos, especially with Wu Kong, versus Red bosses/ titans.


After Kiril reaches 4*+1, I may take one of my two Isarnia to 5* 2.60 or Misandra to 5* 2.60 to replace Valen 3* 3.50 .


One of the previous trials, it took me 120 world energy- six tries - to reach the Bosses and then carpet bomb them. But it was free 120 world energy.


This is one of my better challenge teams.

This is the team I used for the final event, but forgot to take a picture then. :grinning:


Main account:

Alt account:



I don’t have a lot to work with (no Elena yet, no Proteus, etc etc etc), and had to use a lot of items to get through the third trial. The first two went really easily. The last boss fight kicked my @$$ and I struggled with the board.

Mainly I just want to know if anyone else finds Ulmer and Balthazar’s banter at the beginning and the end as hilarious as I do. :rofl:
(I didn’t grab a screen cap of the first bit but here’s the ending one)



My team screenshot didn’t save… :frowning: So here’s a boring old text list of what I used:

4-70+2 Colen
4-70+1 Boldtusk
4-70 Kiril
3-40 Lancelot
3-50 Valen

I used 9 Minor Mana, 10 Healing Potion (225hp each), 5 Arrows, 5 Axes.

I completed all three stages, the triple boss fight was a little rough but I made it through with 3 heroes left alive (barely). :slight_smile:


@zephyr1, @Olmor, @Gryphonknight
:joy::joy: it worked! Not proud of it though but got those emblems :joy::joy:

As the All Blacks sometimes say, it was ugly but a win is a win :grin:


Awesome, nice job!

And whatever, dead smoldering remains of bombed and dragon attacked bosses still count as a victory. :wink: