🏅 [Mar 1, 2020] 45th Raid Tournament! — 5* Buff Booster, No Ice/Blue

Isn’t JF kinda useless though since his primary bonus and prey is disallowed?

Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhh… I think I have to go with this. My naked Ares isn’t as strong as a +18cBoldtusk. I’m unhappy about all the purple though, my Neith has been stuck at 3/70 because she gets a terrible rap, and nobody is going to be scared of a Boldtusk-Vivica center… so Ranvir it is…


Should I do this though?

+114% attack bonus would be really messed up…


Fast DoT, 2 buffs for all and an extra for reds, can’t be stacked strong against…doesn’t seem so useless to me.


Don’t get it. Tournament is “no blue”. Why are u showing def with Magni, Richard?

We were anticipating all elements being allowed, based on the past pattern of Tournaments.

This is the first Tournament in two months that has departed from the pattern.

And welcome to the Forum!

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Blues are not allowed :wink:

Blues are not allowed, Guv :wink:

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Blues are not allowed :wink::wink::wink:

OK, @Yayo :wink:
I will setup like this…


It’s changed since the initial post Z made :wink:

Check the revision history of the OP. Original allowed all colours


How about this?


Maybe slow green Alby is a risk; the focus of this Tournament’ rule is to take advantage of the Att Bonus from the buffs…you need buffers, but speedy firepower to do the work also :wink:


Going with this

Crazy pic.
Marja had Gormek for dinner? :wink:

@Yayo - happy :cake: day
Thx 4 being here :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to try this:


Would you vote for hatter +0 instead of alby to hopefully steal some buffs and bring rabbit down to 14 tiles?


I’m a bit stuck on this one, guys, especially as it’ll be a challenge for me with mostly 4* and some of them still on the way up. Help a girl out? :thinking:

My Roster

Okay, so Kong can play after all!

cMel, G.Kong, BK, Mok, Lianna (+c bonus)

As much buff as I can sensibly get, some dispell and some AoE (I think AoE benefits biggest from boosted attack… The past few tournaments have vindicated this).

A clever attacker would bring purple at this… But I’ve got a feeling the two greens might encourage red…
The center three are where the danger is.

Mmmm I see why :stuck_out_tongue:

Reds can’t be heavily punished.
Greens encourage reds, which your defence can’t punish.

I’d probably go:
Costume Mel, Wu, Falcon, Colen, Sabina.

Falcon is your tankiest.
If Falcon fires and Colen fires whilst that elemental debuff is out it’ll sting hard… If cMel and Wu are up, it’ll wipe out an attacker HARD.

Double dispel should hopefully help keep buffs off the attacker.

As much as I’m not a fan of healers on wings, this is what I’d run from your roster.


Thank you

My only problem - which the Heroplan doesn’t show - is that Mel’s costume’s not fully levelled yet. I was going to wait until the costume event to make it more efficient but I suppose I could try and fast track that today?

Dare I do a 3Stack red with BT? He’s also being moved up fairly quickly - although obviously not ideal tank material while he’s still a little flabby.

If you can level BT then he would be better, something like caedmon (Or Sabina), falcon, bt, colen, wu (Or chao).

Im not sure what bt looks like at that level though


Here he is at the moment …

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