Maps loot question

The quantity and quality of the loot that we gain on the map is totally random, or is it influenced by the time and the way you complete it?
I mean, a score similar of what happens in the events?

Because i know that some zone are better then others for some items, same for recruits and total drops.

But for example you can get in 8-7 a maximum of 21 items or a minimum of 14.

Is that influenced by the combos?

I believe it is totally random

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I believe it is somewhat determined by the level; if it has 3 waves of mobs/bosses vs. 4 waves, the ones with more waves will have more monsters, and thus will provide more item drops (on average). If you notice, when you kill a monster sometimes items fly from the monster to the upper left corner, where it tracks how many items you have accumulated so far. The more monsters you kill, the more chances of getting loot.

I don’t think how you kill the monsters (or how fast) makes any difference.

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