📯 Map Teams, Strategy, Gameplay & Feedback – Season 3 (Valhalla)

You’re amazing! I’ve only had time to farm three stages and haven’t uploaded any yet, myself! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m sitting in on redline negotiations all day today. literally nothing to do till someone asks me a question. Kinda perfect timing


Does the chart already exist? where do I find?

Yes! Let me add it, one sec.

@markpessan I’ve added that to the top post, thanks!

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Ive been on auto play for all of Midgard.

I really enjoy the special stages. It adds a layer of complexity where the runes make the levels a lot easier. Should be interesting in later relams.

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Season 3 is AWESOME!:grinning: I can’t get enough :heart_eyes:. The rocks are AWESOME :ok_hand:. Gameplay is so much fun!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Also rocks stack aswell they did on poision not sure on the others as yet.


All of the rock bonus stack on top of similar status effects, like burn, def down, etc. They’re really great for gameplay!

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Cool want sure as not seen it mentioned thought I’d try it out! :+1:

It’s actually in the top post of this thread, but I know a lot of people have asked the same question.

I read that twice haha totally mist that note. Did think it was odd wasn’t mentioned but then again maybe sometimes you want us to find thangs out for ourselves :woman_shrugging:

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Love the new game play for season three.

I got as far as the final stage of the first province with no problems, but Mist and the elite enemies took me out on my first attempt.

The team that I used was at TP 3344 and comprised:

Valeria at 4.59
Peters at 4.57
Sabina at 4.59
Kelile at 4.53
Chao at 4.52

Second attempt got me through when I ran with Boldtusk at 4.12 and Cyprian at 4.45 instead of Chao and Valeria. (TP was 3255)

The runic stones helped me a lot. Love that they stack with my own team specials. Defence down and a burn stone followed by Kelile and it made short work of lots of mobs that might otherwise have ground me down.

The extra health boost with the nature ones was particularly helpful when Sabina wasn’t charged.

Just wish it didn’t take so much energy and hope that at some point in the future there is something similar to Atlantis Rising with reduced energy costs.


Reduce energy extra loot didn’t happen until 2-3 months after all S2 finished as @Guvnor told me. No idea when the unicorn come along either? But either way it be a while before that happens! Glad yah enjoying the new S3👍

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What’s the best way to volunteer to help send information to you about loot in Provence?

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You can see all the ways to contribute in reply#3 on Barry Farmz Here

The short answer is contact me at Line ID: barrywuzhere and ask to be added to the line chat where screengrabs are uploaded.

We’ve been completely overwhelmed by how responsive the community is to this data gathering effort so far! You guys are rocking this!


Ok cool I’ll add you to line any stage I do just send you a S/S that cool yeah?

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There’s a process in place, @BarryWuzHere will explain and add you to the group.

dudeious.maximus is my line add name is jude on there. So if you want us add moi n be happy to help if I can.

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Been switching it up between the following teams:

*Wilbur, Proteus, Kelile, Kingston, Melendor
*Wilbur, Kelile, Jackal, Li Xiu, Proteus (for the elite stages so far).
*Proteus, Kingston, Melendor, Grimm, and Sonya.

I switch for whenever the appropriate color stacks are warranted. And this setup has been working so far.

The Runic Rocks has been a godsend in keeping my team alive and charged. I am loving this mechanic!! :+1:


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