Map stage bosses natively immune to mana block (to make map stages interesting)

Hey E&P fans!

Map stages are never challenging when you have Proteus (or Hell) in your team. Any of them, with no exceptions. I hoped that season 3 map stage bosses would be interesting to fight with even for the players with 5 maxed heroes, but they are the same boring experience of just not letting the boss use his special skill and simply annihilating him without even using battle items.

So I suggest introducing map stage bosses that will be natively immune (similar to heroes of the month) to negative mana effects (including the block of Proteus/Hell). IMHO, it’s the only thing that could make map stages challenging for players that are playing the game for a while.

Because if season 3 map stages are not introducing new challenges, then what’s the point? (except for an interesting story, of course :slight_smile:)

I agree that map bosses could be made more interesting by giving them extra powers like innate resistance or talents like the bosses in the trials or having them reflect a certain colour.
I would also really appreciate a comeback of the S2 stage effects (poison mist, dense fog etc)

Maybe these kinds of extra difficulties could be added to ‘hard’ levels, which currently only differ from ‘normal’ stages in the base stats (attack, defense, HP). That would require players to think much more of strategies for every single level and encourage them to use heroes they wouldn’t use otherwise.

As it is now, anyone with a good roster of 4* and 5* heroes can basically breeze through the S3 levels.

I personally would not agree with this suggestion. Many players (including myself) could only get through certain difficult stages because of Proteus’ mana stop. And a lot of players spend a small fortunate just to get him. If SG implements this idea, it would be devastating to them.

My suggestion is that if you think using Proteus makes season 3 too easy, simply do not put it on your team. Use someone else instead. This would give you the challenge you want without jeopardizing other players.


On the other hand, many players (mostly F2P) don’t have Proteus (not to speak of Hel) and have to find another way to beat difficult stages.

What OP means is that one single hero (well, two if we include Hel, who hardly anyone has) can singlehandedly change extremely hard boss stages to an easy win.

I think giving some of the bosses full or partial resistance to mana effects would make ‘hard’ stages a bit more challenging and interesting. I suppose that almost all players who have Proteus have plentiful alternatives to beat hard stages without him (or Hel). True, there might be a few relatively new players that were lucky to pull him very early but haven’t had the time to build a bigger hero roster. However, they usually haven’t arrived at S3 and are still fighting their way through Atlantis.

Therefore, introducing such effects among others in S3 ‘Hard’ difficulty would hinder only very few players to move on. The vast majority, even those who use Proteus all the time, can easily find alternative strategies to succeed. If zhose extra effects are limited to ‘Hard’ difficulty, those who really can’t do without Proteus, could still complete all the normal stages.

I agree with OP that levels in S3, especially on ‘Hard’ difficulty, can and should be really challenging.

Didn’t leave Proteus out on purpose, but I can tell that a mix of 4* and 5* heroe (mostly vanilla) without mana controlers was enough to complete the first three provinces on both difficulty levels without any trouble and without using any other items apart from small heal potions and small antidotes :slightly_smiling_face: So it’s absolutely doable without Proteus and without superstrong paywall heroes.

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This I agree with. I completed the first three provinces on both difficulty levels with:
Boldtusk - Grimm - Jackal - Caedmon - Sartana

Jackal is the only special hero; the rest are all season 1. In fact, for season 2, I did not have to reply on Proteus until the last few provinces, and at hard level only.

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All for somthing different in the game! It’s not like every boss is going to be a pain to destroy just have to work round it! Cleared season 1 and 2 with out proteus And doing S2 hard with out him.
Pirates has purple reflect so how do people who rely on proteus expect to beat the stages? I cleared it last time but I have much better stronger heros than then and I’m still kinda changing my mind on who to take on epic all the time? Haha

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