Map Expansion

When is the map going to expand? Was told after the first of the year but we’re now 4 months into it. Events war and quest are ok but get old.

It has been stated that season 2 is the next big thing after AW. So hopefully we’ll get it soon :slight_smile:

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Let’s hope they do as they say

I don’t believe they ever said it was the first of the year. They just said 2018 so technically that could range anywhere from January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018.


I have the email from support stating sometime after the first of the year. Asked them when was having an issue with something else

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I mean companies always try to be vague about release dates. It’s all in the wording, what does “sometime” mean? Like 1 month? 3 months? 9 months? I don’t know

SG hasn’t mastered communications with players yet.


Lol I’ve said this in the past and been crucified by higher up players. Nice to hear someone else agree

Still waiting on a season 2, no word on it from devs, getting tired of this game and don’t think imma wait for it much longer, wars are stooopid also. They need to nerf the arrow barrages, we lost people who quit game over it already.


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