Many are upset


Hi many are upset about that deal for 4.99 you took it off the table its the one that was given to some and not others i was thinking if you give everyone a free epic token that would makr many happy even me and yes i am a spender i support this game and in the future i might spend more this is just my suggestion to make many happy again


This would be a nice gesture and would go a long way in restoring most people’s faith in the game. I am also a spender for this game, spent lots probably to much but I enjoy playing but hate the wait times for recharge so I mostly use gems for rechage.


An epic token would be 1/25-1/28th (depending on how you calculate it) the value of the 2.99 special offer.

I doubt those who are angry would be mollified by such a small “token” (heh!) amount, and those who are not aware of the flap would not know why they should be grateful.

I hope the devs find a satisfying conclusion for all (including themselves). :smirk:


There is one solution that will make me happy: Offer the $3usd deal to EVERYONE who hasn’t received it yet. It’s the only fair solution. And there is absolutely no reason why they can’t do this. It will in no way hurt their business.


This is pretty much only way team can get back my respect. I wont stop playing, but I definitely wont invest money in the game anymore. Probably not on SG’s other games either.