Many 3* heroes NOT reaching level 8 & consuming loads of extra resources

Many 3* heroes r not reaching level 8 in due course of leveling up…and hence consume a LOT of feeder heroes & food.

Last 2 greens (Brienne & Isshtak) leveled up only to level 4 when they reached 3/50 and had to be feed a lot to take them to level 8.

Same for costumes… I m still leveling isshtak costume which is moving slowly…

Hello SG, seems like a bug… even though not a big one… but an irritating bug :sweat_smile:

Sorry, not a bug - just bad luck.

Are you giving the same color feeders to your heroes? Because that will boost your odds of improving the special level while you’re upgrading - even 10 1-stars of the same color will give you a 20% chance, whereas 10 1-stars of any other color only give you a 10% chance.

Still, many 3-stars will fail to reach special level 8 by the time they’re maxed due to the relatively low number of steps needed compared to 4-star and 5-star heroes. That’s when you have to throw the extra feeders at them - again, if you only feed the same color, you’ll need 5 2-stars or 10 1-stars to guarantee a 100% chance of leveling up after maxing, whereas if you feed them random colors, you’ll need 10 2-stars to guarantee a level-up.


@Chodaboy : I m doing all that you have mentioned. I can also understand a few numbers left out…
a 3* hero to reach just level-4 by the time hero is maxed at 3/50 is strange…
2 of those numbers are due to 2 ascensions from 1 to 2 & from 2 to 3… which means only 2 levels have come from all the feeding during levelling up…

Numbers don’t add up…


This is unfortunately very common, and not a bug. The problem comes down to the fact that 3* heroes reach max level too fast. Much faster than their odds of reaching max special.

This is rarely an issue with 4 and 5 star heroes, as they require many more feeders (and have an additional ascension level). But for the most part, when it comes to 3* heroes, it is probably more rare for them to reach max special before reaching max level. Simply because the odds of the special skill leveling up are ridiculously low.

Not a “bug”. Just poor game design.


It’s even worse for the costume…

I’ve maxed a costume with it sat at 3/8 on the special more than once now.

RNG be RNG. Just because you do something with a 20% chance 5 times doesn’t mean you automatically get something.


Happens all the time. All depends on how you feed them… But 3* heroes are the most susceptible as they have the least exp required to max & hence the least opportunities to “feed” then & level up the special skill


Feeding Heroes one by one will mostly get your heroes more likely to level 8. Even an off Element 1* hero can activate the level up for specials. Been doing that for a long time.


Agreed on the feeding one at a time. It’s tedious but has almost always gotten the job done for me. Once skill is 8/8 I start feeding in batches to save on ham.


Yeah, this definitely works, but it just takes so long. Rather just sacrifice some more feeders at the end. The difference between 3 stars and up is there are only 2 ascensions instead of 3. You only have to go up 120 total levels.

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Of course, once level 8 is reached, it’s feeding frenzy muliple heroes.


Actually 10x 1* at once, same color is the best strategy. There is a mathematical calculation to prove that somewhere in this forum:

Based on that calculation, if you feed same color 1* one at a time, you have 65% chance to reach 8/8 when you maxed a 3* hero.

Meanwhile, if you feed same color 1* ten at a time, you have 68% chance to reach 8/8 when you maxed a 3* hero.


@Guvnor : I feed them ONLY their colour as, being relatively newer to the game compared to many, I have many heroes being levelled up simultaneously & have no other colour feeder to spare for another colour hero…

I have am amazed to see Cochin who is currently at 2/36… already at level 8…

Hence, I find this irritating inconsistency a BiG Waste of resources, so put this point under “BUGs”, so that SG can look at it & provide some solution… Lets see !!

@TGW : The very first point of yours shows that there is an issue = a BUG !!

Why should I / us a player/s justify / give rationale to an aspect that should be sorted out by the game developers. Aren’t all heroes supposed to get levelled up by the time they reach their topmost tier of ascension…

Taking a hero from level 3-4 till 8 after full ascension takes a lot of resources = Waste…

This issue has always been justified till now…even by me… till I chose to bring it in this forum as a plea for consideration…

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Again, not a bug.

You can double down on your bug accusations all you want, but double zero is still zero.

And all the “loads of extra resources” you’re complaining about are just food and feeders. That’s nothing compared to the non-farmable materials required for final 4-star ascension and the last two 5-star ascension levels.


The only reason I don’t call it a bug is because the developers are aware of it, and they designed it that way intentionally. A bug is usually an unintended consequence from a bit of code that isn’t operating the way they intended it to. In this case? They designed it to work that way on purpose, and it is working as it was designed to.

EDIT / ADDITIONAL: That does not mean your complaint is not valid.

If I complained that I did 20 summons and didn’t get a single 5* hero… that is a valid complaint. But when you look at the designed summoning odds for getting a 5* hero - not a bug.


@dansing please look at this graph. If you feed same color only, there is 3-4% chance you ended up at 4/8 when your 3* is maxed. This is not a bug, this is normal possibility and by game design.


I must have really bad luck, because I have ended up at 4/8 on several of my 3* heroes. :laughing:

Then tried to level up their special using only 90% worth of feeders, and still failed.

RNG simply cannot be trusted or relied upon for anything. When it comes to 3* heroes… hope for the best, but expect them to reach 50 before finishing their specials. At that point, go with 100% level ups only, unless you’re feeling lucky and/or just don’t care.

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The chance to reach 8/8 at max level will be lessened with trainer heroes…

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True… and also even using 2* heroes. Best chance of getting a 3* hero to 8/8 before max is by feeding mostly 1* feeders.

I don’t worry about it anymore, I just get them to level 50 first, then pump out a quick 5-10 feeders if necessary to level their specials.

But that is a luxury that mostly only “end game” players have. Low level players usually don’t have the ability to train a lot of feeders in a short amount of time.

Leave us “end gamers” out of this! lol
Seriously, though, it’s a problem. I bite the bullet and just max the special by saving up like colored feeders until its 100%. I realize this may irk some players having to feed away valuable fodder, but with 3* it’s kinda the cost of doing business.


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