Manna gain from tiles

In the past 3 days I have had heros like Grave and Alasie not hitting full manna after 10 to 12 tiles? Is this a bug?

Your heroes are afflicted with probably with any of the following:

  1. Mana freeze by either Proteus or Hel, or
  2. Mana generated are stolen by either Onatel ot Renfeld costumed version (was it him or someone else, i forgot), or
  3. Mana generation has been significantly reduced either by Alasie, Telluria, Lianna costumed version, and other heroes with this type of skill.

Some are dispellable. Others are not. Read the hero card of the opponent’s heroes. You’ll find something there that explains why.


It is not a special ,any heros bonus or attacks. This is straight tiles and not status effects applied to the hero.

Maybe you could add any evidence (pictures or better a video) of the problem. Else, it is very hard to help you with this… :grimacing:

It’s the Sorcerer ability, people always tend to miss that one since it procs from auto attacks and we as players are usually too fixated on the board to notice it in time. It halves your mana regeneration but goes away after 2 rounds. If I miss it I notice it after 1 round most of the time but it’s a rather common complaint on this board. Should be in a bug faq really since this has been reported in various forms at least 20 times.

Not too easy to search for them all though due to wildly different headlines.

Mana generation is bugged when you collect 5 same color tiles to diamond. In this case sometimes
character with the same color does not get any mana even it has no buffs and debuffs.
Mainly I have seen it in PVP.
It happens so randomly that its impossible to catch it to picture or video.

You can try to make a screenshot after it happenend. Then we could see if there is a possibility of any effects doing the mana reducement

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