Manipulation of game by game creators

I think to find the answer to this you have to dig deeper and find out why the developers like your opponent more than you.


It’s like when little kids say they can’t find something and all they are doing is standing in one spot and looking around without moving anything. The majority of the time when I play stacked, once I move the offending tiles out of the way…HEY! What do we have here! Tiles that I can use, who would have thunk?!?


See, now you’re getting all logical and stuff. Who argues like that?


Should RandomPlayer7 be banned for cheating?

  • Yes - cheaters should have their ears nailed to an angry Kraken
  • No - justice is blind and there is no evidence. Wait, Justice causes blindness? What kind of sick system is this?
  • Yes - RandomPlayer7 is @garanwyn 's in game name and Mods get an illegal RNG buff
  • No - That’s redundant, Krakens are always angry due to the levels of heavy metals dumped in the ocean by mining
  • Yes - then they’ll be more loot for the rest of us
  • No - Heavy Metal is a sonic expression of emotional physicality and nothing to do with pollution

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@FabulaSumus, your thoughts?


So Random Player 7, we meet again. Thought you’d outsmarted us ehhhh?? Well we are on to your little tricks of logic!!! We also caught on to your use of MATH, of all things, to try to avoid us. Consider yourself cornered and come out with your hands up!!!

P.S we will shoot you anyway because you sneeze or tripped…


Hello board manipulation my old friend… :microphone::notes:

I’ve come to play with you once again . :see_no_evil:


Thanks @Justab0x, now that song will be stuck in my head all day. Also “Well Done!!!”

The remake by Disturbed is one of the absolute best remakes ever. It gives me chills


I do not defend the game sometimes it happens.
Expand your list of heroes or think a little more about the best combinations.
This is not a Disney game.


Or is it?

Disney Similarities


Someone already did the digging and manage to retrieve the in-game coding of the RNG.
It can be accessed here : Game code hacked

But be sure to visit it on a secure and private connection, as NSA and CIA are on SGG’s payroll !


Just did a raid and had absolutely no brown tiles. I’d swear that this has to be a conspiracy.


I usually put my brown tiles in that small white swimming pool people have in there bathrooms? You push the lever and it automatically makes a whirlpool? @Olmor has anyone checked there?


Poo threads like this are the funniest.


That’s exactly how it works. The reason Kronk the OP can’t win:


I’ve alluded as to why I only get good boards (so much so that when I wrote a paragraph on my phone using only the middle suggested word “I get good boards” showed up repeatedly), and my determination was that it’s because I’ve never complained. Not once. Try it and let me know if you have similar results!


Everybody gets good boards, but sometimes not colored like the chosen heroes.


Exactly. The AI is smart, the player is the problem

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Look, I could troll, I could reason, I could make another poll… but I don’t think it would be smart.

You see, Jonah, I value my life and I think it’s wise not to contradict anything a person with bright red lipstick (it looks like MAC’s shade Lady Danger) and an automated fire weapon at hands states.

Let alone the pose, the super thin eyebrows… when an Avatar like that says something, I agree or take cover.

All of you are being very unwise to discuss boards manipulation against the OP’s firm beliefs.

Unless, of course, you have a Mother North at hand… then it’s fire at will!


Well I made my own test. Started a new game with different aCcount and Im surprised how good the boards are in a low level player. Titans excelents boards, raids excelents boards also. But my heroes are too week to give good damage. But the boards are not compared with my main account 54level titans 10*+. No way it’s random. I’m not leveling any more the new account, it’s stuck on 14. And the boards are excellent the last 2 weeks

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This is why Paris chose her over Hera or Athena.


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