Manipulation of game by game creators

Why do the game creators feel they have to manipulate the outcome of everything we do in the game? Why can’t they just leave it alone, and let us have fun? They manipulate the colors of the tiles so that you have to hit the opponent with the color that gives them more mana, and you less mana. Obviously not a coincidence, although many players probably just brush it off as that. It happens every single battle! And what about how the tile board is always full of the color of hero that you choose not to take to into battle…coincidence? Not likely! They do this with tournaments, titan battles, raids, and every aspect of the game. And of coarse, as soon as someone brings something like this to the attention of other players, their post is banned, closed or deleted, just like this one will be. Good luck to all of you that are giving large sums of money to try to make yourselves look better in the game because it means absolutely nothing to the game creators. They are doing it to you also! The only solution is to quit so the creators have to wake up and smell the roses!


There have been numerous independent and comprehensive studies of tile colour replacements and what you’re suggesting just doesn’t happen. Can I suggest you look up articles on Confirmation Bias and similar things.

The conspiracy you describe isn’t a thing


Its not that it gets closed or deleted, its that it gets merged with the billions of other topics just like this that make accusations without any documented proof. There have been several people that have painstakingly recorded their opening boards and its been proven to be, you guessed it, random. Search Color Stacking and read @Garanwyn excellent post on it.


The thing about conspiracy theories like this is that they don’t even pass a very simple sniff test. All complaint threads get banned, closed or deleted? You mean like:

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

SG is actually shockingly tolerant of people accusing them of lying, cheating, fraud and suchlike on their official forum.


If you didn’t know any better you might assume that I wake up some mornings and declare to the world “TODAY, I WILL be banned by SG! SO HELP ME!!”


I uhhhh. Take it back LOL

  1. Complaining about in-game moderation decisions like chat bans is against the forum rules, and there’s nothing that anyone on the forum can do about changing such a decision.

  2. Naming and shaming other players by accusing them of cheating is against the forum rules, and it can be very hard to “unring the bell”

As a result, if you use “banned” or “cheat(ing)” in your post, the forum will hold it until a moderator can take a look at it. As long as you’re not doing one of those things, your post will get approved.

As you can see, the OP in this thread used “banned,” and despite the fact that it was attacking SG and complaining about the game, since it wasn’t trying to argue a chat ban, it got approved :slight_smile:

Edited to add:

If you complain about a chat ban, you will get a politely worded private message from a moderator explaining how to petition for the decision to be reversed, like so:


I didn’t know the B and C words were ba…nnnn…ed. here :rofl:

Mods are the shockingly tolerant ones, they’re the ones who deal with all these threads, no? SG… well… They just love to take the (lazy) hands off approach :man_shrugging:


Sorry @JonahTheBard i borrow it just once.


Dear @Elpis, please help yourself.




Sorry, I was starting to lose my composure.


Why should they?
Satisfied players will probably spend and play more than disappointed.

Take a rainbow team and there won’t be off color tiles at all.


Ha! Neither cheating nor ban are banned. But they will incur a brief delay until one of us can make sure you’re not calling out RandomPlayer7 as an awful cheater because they happened to beat you.

And you would be shocked how many people upload screenshots of some poor random players who had the misfortune of winning a fight against them, and call those players cheaters.


People stack mono and then complain that typically 80% of the board is off-colour.


Oops, should have deleted the last quoted word. Sorry G.

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The unfortunate thing is that I wouldn’t be shocked at all :frowning_face:



It is definitely more work for the mods, but it is comedy gold in this thread. I’m just going to turn off the approval feature on those words for the next little while.


I went mono red today on the tournament and lost 4 in a row. Must be completely manipulated and conspiratorial… :rofl:

Sometimes lucky sometimes not. That’s it. Not more not less…


Hah! Took me two days to lose 4 stacking mono. And the ones I won were right down to the wire, could have gone either way. The conspiracy thickens!