Manipulating individual warscore

If you leave you can’t use any more flags and you don’t get the loot for the win/loss. That’s all still true.

The wrinkle is that you do still get credit towards the war chest, which seems an oversight to me.


This just reminded me of something regarding the staggered war starts. I recall that this came up when some players completed the PoV earlier than expected. Basically, not all wars/matchmaking started at the same time, so it was possible to participate in 2 wars. You can do 3 attacks in the first war, leave and then join your second alliance before that war started and you would complete the second war as normal (6 attacks). It was a way to get 9 attacks credited for the PoV instead of 6.

I don’t know if people are still doing this.

The only other drawback/pushback you may get from players are those who want to titan merc to fulfill their PoV requirements.

Seems like if the algorithm can track these participants’ war chests then it should be able to include those wins in the war scores. It may just need a slight change in the war score calculation.

Anyone leaving an alliance before war is over should still get that win or loss included as part of their war score :woman_shrugging:

I recall reading about one player who did this in three alliances per war. Sucked to be in one of the first two where he only used three flags, and they would have been the higher-ranked of the three. Because the staggered times could be two hours or more (s)he could time it just right.

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Yes - 1000% Guv is correct. My alt didn’t war for a few weeks and visited different alliances. When I returned to the last alliance I had participated in war, I opened a war chest. A nice surprise :innocent:


If they can’t fix the loophole in the coding….

The least they can do is notify all players not to exploit this loophole… and punish them accordingly if they do.

Isn’t it their responsibility to enforce game rules?

They acted super quick on the Morlovia glitch and punished the exploiters…. But maybe this isn’t a big deal to them if it’s not costing them money.



Then the solution is simple, SG should change it so that participation is only counted if the player never leave the alliance untill the war is over.

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I thought of that too, but then again, would there be issues with trolls who participated in the war and then they leave just to screw with the team. Is that even a thing?

Maybe just disable the „leave alliance“ button while you‘re actively participating in an ongoing war (you‘re signed in, the war has started and you got your first 3 flags). You would be locked in the alliance for 24hrs :slight_smile:

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But then we won’t see any rage quitting… :laughing:


In a previous war, there were 3 ex-members on the other side before the war started. No idea what happened.

You know, we play the game because it’s fun and competitive. To find “loopholes” is exciting at first but after a while, it’s easy to lose interest and eventually quit playing altogether. I rather the competition of playing a fair battle and taking my chances of winning or losing based solely on fair gameplay than finding some glitch in programming and utilizing it.


I know this happens in Titans. We fought a team in AW, then they were all ex-members. Is this a new thing? We got totally smacked. TIA

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Unfortunatelly it looks like there is a tactic in which all members of an alliance use their attacks, then leave, and after the war is over they rejoin their alliance. By doing that they get 5 points from the win and don’t get their personal score updated so they keep fighting much weaker alliances than theirs.

They lose the loot from the victory but they ensure to get 5 easy points and open much faster their war chest which are more valuable.


It’s pretty bizarre that it works this way. Why in the world do they get chest credit if they’re not there when the war ends?


Still no update from staff?

I wonder if they still will do this now that they will be missing out getting Aethers from the war loot.

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I guess they figure that with the adding of Aethers that can only be collected in war loot the problem will disappear by itself

So they don’t get to collect war loot?

By aether from war loot is too few anyway…

@yelnats_24 Aethers are pretty scarce from tournaments as well.

My personal info of 9 alts that wage 1vs1 wars is that the winner gets 0-3 random Aethers (probably 3 rolls, can be empty roll) and losers so far get nothing (but I’ve seen losing players in other alliances getting an aether). So it’s a random thing, but since war is twice a week, a strong alliance can have each of their members collect at least 3 Aethers weekly from war loot, which is equal to (and adds to) the 5% - 10% tournament gain of 3 Aethers.

I presume that SG relied on players figuring the fact that they will lose half of their Aethers if they continue to apply the disappearing tactic. And six a week equals 25-26 a month, which added to the (monthly?) Aethers quest is already a solid number and will allow many more Limit Broken heroes in only 2-4 months.


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