Manipulating individual warscore

Not true :slight_smile: so long as you used your flags IN the war & do NOT participate in another alliances war, it still counts as participation.


Guv does so much for players and spends so much time collecting and analysing data for us, that I would encourage all in the game to support him in this analysis of war chest loot.

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That is their whole strategy, leave and rejoin during the ongoing war, they were all there at the start of the war, left during the war and were back before the war ended. Once they used all their flags and their win was secured (impossible for us to catch up to their score) they started leaving and rejoining. Making them all „Ex-Members“ on the field and completely dissapearing from the individual scoreboard.

The score overview only showed our 29 members and not theirs anymore.

These individual scores are being used to calculate your past performance which increases your personal warscore if you chain wins. 30 individual warscores count towards the overall alliance warscore.

Since the program has no numbers to calculate your past performance the whole alliance score stays low. You‘re being matched with way weaker opponents over and over again. Look at the screenshot of the warboard and tell me it‘s not strange that you find these type of defenses with these heros and all maxed lvl30 troops around 140k warscore :wink: Alliances around that level don‘t have the roster depth to beat these guys and that‘s why they stay there to chain wins and open a warchest every 5 wars.


Are you sure? I have never done it but once my alliance teammate told me their participation did not increase.

If you read the starting post i actually state that we had one of our members try it by the end of that war, and therefore we could confirm that participation in warchest still counted. And furthermore, you do not even have to be in the alliance at the end of the war, it is sufficient to rejoin before the next matching begins.


Ok, so the loophole is that the alliance is not getting the past war score credit even if the members are back in the alliance at the end of the war. That needs to be addressed.

It sounds like the past war score is not tied to the alliance any more but to individual members of the alliance. That is not right. It is the alliance that wins or loses regardless of the members.

No, it is the players that win. This was changed back in October to solve the issue of alliances disbanding and reforming (or moving between several alliances) to manipulate war score.

Hopefully @mhalttu can fix this issue soon.


Exactly, and they have found a way to go around that by leaving, hence they do not accumulate a personal increase in warscore, but the alliance warscore remains unchanged. That is the whole issue here, when you leave the board and become an ex member your points are not taken into your personal past history, but the alliance still gets the win.


Ah, yes I forgot about that. So tie the player to the alliance war until it is over even if they leave.

No matter what they do though, players will find a loophole. It’s a neverending race.

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous to go to all that effort for a mobile game. But whatev…


Our current opponent must be trying out this strategy because they are all ex-members.

Unfortunately for them they missed the part about using all their flags first :grin::joy:


Seems like some players found a loophole and are exploiting it.

However we can all do like the players in that alliance and exploit the warscore.

As I see it, either of two things will happen:

  1. SG will disregard the whole thing again and do nothing about it - thus the ones who do it will get a warchest every five weeks

  2. SG will finally close the loophole.

Seems like a win-win situation if we all take action.

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I have thought that, you lose 100% participation, if you leave before war is ended even if you have use all your flags. That isn’t the case? And I don’t mean war preparition time.

We faced one ally little while ago, what did the same thing. That one would be top100 ally usually even probably top20.

Wasn’t that canceled since it actually made matchmaking worse? They tested that and it lead even bigger missmatches. Or do I remember wrong?

The first implementation was bad because it didn’t have any history. They fixed that by doing the obvious thing — populate the individual history from the team history.

I would have gone further and left the old algorithm in place while populating the individual history behind the scenes for a month, which would also let you run an A-B comparison on old algorithm vs new to ensure it worked as expected but… 🤷

Can you find me post about that? Since all I can find is them testing new algoritm and cancel it, because it worked worse.

They have updated the war score description. It now says “adjusted by their past performance in the Wars”…

Previosuly it used to read “adjusted with the past performance of the alliance” as can be seen in the screenshots here… hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Parody staff response below.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. To summarize, individual war scores are being manipulated to obtain easier matchups.

After careful consideration, we have decided not to adjust the scores for the players who utilizied this faulty programming. The main reasons are as follows:

The players played the game the way it was coded.
We are unable to retroactively adjust war scores.
Even though we’re talking about a war score exploit, it does not break the war system so it will be adjusted when it’s more convenient.

Here’s the follow-up post you are looking for.

Basically, the first time they did something and it was completely bad. That’s when they cancelled it.
Then they decided to do the obvious thing and copy the alliance’s war history onto the player’s history and continued from that point with the player history.


There is a very simple solution to this problem.Your participation only counts when war ends and you cannot leave your alliance at any point during the war. If you leave at any point, then your participation will not be registered.


Didn’t they have it set that way before? I recall joining war and it advising you cannot leave your alliance or join another alliance until the war is over? When did that change?

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