Manipulating individual warscore

In our latest war we had a member on vacation so we went in with 29/30 on the field. We encountered an alliance that we thought had really well composed defenses and high troop levels for their warscore… The explanation came later on, they have found a way to have their warscore remain the same after multipel wins. After everyone in their alliance had used their flags and collected the points they started to leave and come back, nothing strange there, they could be mercing for food, but then we noticed that the entire alliance were ex members.

This in fact means that they get no loot from the war, but it also means that their personal warscore remains the same as the register as 0 points in the war. I waited with posting this since i wanted to check after the new matching if their warscore would be similar to what it was last time to confirm our theory, and it was, we also had a member leave and come back to check if the warchest would still count since you did participate with 6 flags, and we could confirm that it did. Cheating? I think not, manipulating a flaw in programming to their own advantage? Yes. Instead of collecting war loot and loosing the occasional war they collect a warchest every 5th war. Cheers Lex. Added text to clarify from one of our members : @Lexual Could you add to your article something across the line :

Your Personal warscore includes your „past performance“. Since each player vanished from the actual scoreboard (is non existant for the ongoing war) there is no calculation of such personal performance possible .There are just no numbers to feed the programm.

The only numbers the game program can process is the final war score for both alliances, which in their case is counted towards a win and gets them 5 points towards their warchest. If you leave and rejoin during an ongoing war your participation towards the warchest remains intact.


Well this is… interesting. I have a question in the back of my mind about the algorithms and whatnot of alliance war history vs individual war history, but I need to absorb this a bit more in order to phrase it correctly.

Bravo, intrigued, registering interest to see where this leads

Nice, following this one.

@mhalttu seems like this one would be in your wheelhouse. Any insight?


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Thats the whole point, they do not miss the chest, they miss the loot, wich usually is crap anyways… They get participation in the chest as usual on a warwin


it sucks for their opponents because it’s an obvious mismatch, but they also punish themselves by missing out on victory loot just to get 3* farmables in the war chest.

Based on OP’s description, it doesn’t sound like they’re missing their war chest; rather, they’re only missing the loot that comes from winning each individual war, while still getting 100% credit for the chest.

For the sake of argument, let’s say they’d win 50% of the time if they didn’t do this. It would take them a little less than twice as long to fill their chest, but they’d get the normal war loot for an extra four or five wars per chest. Probably a trade-off most would make (although for me, at least, the amount of work it takes to execute this plan seems like more trouble than it’s worth!).


Regular war loot for losing a war is so trash it’s not even worth mention, they basically trade in 5 regular winning loots for 1 chest, its probably worth it since the chests only give out 3/4* ascension material. i doubt anything will happen to them, since this is a flaw in their programming

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This feels like an awful lot of effort for a war chest…

I mean, it’s basically an elemental chest right? So a 4* mat every solar eclipse, a few emblems and some loot tickets…


Totally agree… :thinking:

But, if they’re also manipulating their war score, it’s also throwing war mismatching out of whack too. Yay for them, they can win wars by 600+pts and open their war chest more frequently.

However, being matched in war with a much tougher opponent… No fun at all :sweat:.


For the record, the 4* AM chance is 10% per slot. It’s not great, but it’s not as terrible as everyone always complains about either.


i’ve been searching but haven’t found this number. where does the 10% chance come from, or is it listed somewhere in the game and i’m just somehow blind to it?


RE the OP, I had someone reach out privately on this topic a couple months ago, asking now best to notify staff.

I put the individual in touch with a couple staff members, including one of the Game Designers, where they outlined this situation in great detail.

What action is / will be undertaken by SGG I don’t know, but they are definitely aware of this… Strategy.


IMHO you should have to be in the alliance at the end of the war to get the credit for the war. Just like you have to be in the alliance at the beginning of the war to participate, and in the alliance at the start of matchmaking to be eligible. You can leave after your six flags if you want, just come back before the end.


If I recall correctly, the participation (in war chest) will not be counted if they leave in the middle of war. What is the point of opening war chest with 0% participation rate?

Probably your opponent is experimenting and will soon notice their mistake.

As I can see it’s not newbie alliance :slight_smile: . I am more than sure - this is not experiment (they did it not first time) and they do not need war chest (usually very poor)

As written both in the starting post and a few times in later posts : they do get full participation in the warchest.


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