Manipulated Alliance War opponent score. How?

In a recent war, two opponent teams contained the same reward score (51 max. points)

Team 1 power: 3720

Team 2 power: 4259

Did one of these teams change its heroes just before the war? Was this an E&P glitch?

How did this happen?!?

I believe the amount each opponent is worth is based on their team’s total HP. Team power has nothing to do with it. Likely the lower team had a bunch of high HP 4 star heroes and the other a bunch of low HP 5 stars.


I don’t think that’s the case here. Compare these 2 teams & use any formula you like.

wow ■■■!

I think it‘s pretty much the case described above. Teampower goes by teamHP. Team 1 has high HP heroes AND crit troops that boost hp. Team 2 has low HP heroes AND only mana troops that do not boost HP…


I don’t think so.
Team 1 HP: 3496
Team 2 HP: 3969

There’s still a 473 point difference.

Are you sure you calculated in troops? They give 13-18% more hp. This would result in nearly the same hp…


TP, HP, it doesn’t make much difference. Team 1 has 4 epic, 1 legendary. Team 2 has 5 legendary heroes. Which team would you choose to fight for 51 points?

These teams are in no way similar.

SG needs to explain this!

We already explained everything to you. Question answered…

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Anyone, explain it with math calculations if you can.

Do you understand that HP means HEALTHPOINTS? It does not matter how much the heroes power is. Only the health. And this is probably almost similar…


No this is not possible with 5 heroes on each side…

This my alliance:

This is my opponent:

My weaker team (unleveled 3*) is worth half the points of their weaker team (almost maxed 5*)

You know what? I won.
And my weaker team manage to take down once that team, lol.

Thanks for posting this. I don’t see any health points for your unleveled rare team.

Try 5 Aife next time :smile:

Obviously Team 2 is the stronger of the two, but the calculation only looks at Health Points, and like @Maaeetz said, the troops play a factor as well. Team 1 has three troops that increase HP and that just adds to the total.

I know it doesn’t make the most sense in the world because it’s definitely not a fair comparison, but that’s the way the math works out.


Sorry, wrong pic.

They obviously bullying it.

1000 points are distributed among up to 30 teams based of the troop-modified health value of the teams, with an extra 50% of this value distributed as bonus points.

So the base points are 1000 * (team health) / (total health)

Some percentage of difference in health will flatten out as a result.

Can you tell us:

  1. Total number of opponents?
  2. The troop-modified health values of each hero (or alternately, the unmodified health values–since I can see the troops, I can do the calculations myself)?

Without seeing the troop-modified health values and knowing how many players per side, it’s really hard to speculate on whether there’s some bug here.


These numbers seem shockingly low for health.

3496/5 = 699.2
3969/5 = 793.8

You are almost certainly reporting Team Power here, not the total health of the team. But team power isn’t used in the points calculation.

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1296 Ariel

1353 red hood

1355 Evelyn

1385 Poseidon

1284 kagey burrito

1390 onatel

All of those numbers are direct from the teams in question. The below numbers have to be estimated since that player doesn’t have the heroes in question on their raid defense team currently :stuck_out_tongue: but here’s their base value at 4/70:

Grimm - 1132 +

cuprian 1362+

Sabina - 1060+ (I’ve got one at talent 9 and it’s 1132)

Sumitomo 1113+

-----obviously these values look very close… I’m not adding them together but yeah :wink:


The hit points shown on character cards are only for the hero; to get the HP with the troop bonus that’s used for the calculation, you have to manually add them because the game won’t show that until you’re inside a raid/war hit.

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They differ by 10.2% without considering the emblems and troops on the weaker team.

The stronger team has 6673 health.
Assuming 30/side, then the value of the stronger team must be between 3.35% and 3.45% of total health.

That makes a point somewhere between 193 and 199 health.

So the weaker team would need to pick up about 7% total health from emblems and troops. This sounds very reasonable to me.


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