Manifest About Guinevere

Hero Guinevere is the most ridiculous Hero of this game! She has wrong skill definition. Think about a hero that have this skills:

2-) The caster and nearby allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns.
3-) The caster and nearby allies +54% defence againts Dark for 4 turns.

What an amazing hero!
Just this 2 skills are enough for Guinevere. However, the most ridiculous part of this hero is;

1-) Reduces the mana of all enemies by 20%

What is this? Is she God or something?? This is no fair.

Okey, lets say you thought Second and Third skills are not enough for this hero (No! , Noo!) , The First skill should be

(wait, not should be , Have to be… no MUST BE!)

The First skill MUST BE,

1-) % X CHANCE to reduces the mana of enemies by 20%

X= 5 or 6 or 7 … etc

Guinevere have to be changed or deleted from game. I broke my phone because of her. It is not worth to be angry for a game, so I will delete this game as soon as possible until Guinevere is changed or deleted.

Guin is no longer the feared beast she was at one time. You either played wrong or had wrong heroes



20 something Guins :princess:

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I know she is ridiculously OP on tank position… For me the unfair part is… Originality in def team… Always encountering the sames tank again and again and again… This is boring.

But this not the hero i fear the most to be fair… I deal great against her unless i have… A very terrible starting board and the game dont give me purple troughout the whole raid.

I fear Kage, isarnia and Mn more than her

Here’s the tips for u when facing guin: bring 4 purple. That’s it.

Slowly u will learn to kill her.

Once u know how to kill guin using 4 purple any yellow hero tank will become easy to counter.

Guin is hard, but playing without hard boss will become dull.

Guin add spicy to this game. U will be considered gratuated from this game if u have learned the hack how to kill guin easily

Guin got brand new skill: raiding against her has 20% chance to break opponents phone. :rofl:


That is amazing!

20 cracked screens because of Guin…


Haven’t ran into a full blown Kunchen tank yet have ya?


And those that are emblemed up!!! Sigh*

You’ve been Finlandized. There’s only two ways to solve the Guin problem. Skip those teams or spend til you get your own.

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You will thank SG that they gave her the wrong talents. If she got the sorcerer class, you’re screwed.

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