Maniacal Mages - the Sean Hughes of E&P, are Recruiting!

Want to be part of an alliance that accepts poor lifestyle choices, sometimes too edgy, very funny and, unlike Sean Hughes not dead…then the Maniacal Mages is the new family for you. We participate in all wars and Titan hunts. Drop in, chat a while learn our rules and make friends.

  • 2200 trophy team average.
  • 800 trophy requirement.
  • 7*-8* star Titans.
  • Supportive, fun, can’t be bothered with drama.
    And remember “everyone grows out of their Morrissey phase…except for Morrissey”.

The Maniacal Mages is the best thing that has ever happend to me. It saved my marriage, cured a nasty case of psoriasis and by some whacky coincidence, I have the same forum name as the alliance leader…how crazy is that?!

Join the Maniacal Mages. We want to reach the top without losing our sense of humour.
God is amazing because he’s f***ed up my life and he doesn’t exist at the same time, which is quite a skill.

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