Mandatory Updates every month is killing this game!

The mandatory updates are locking players out of their game because updates always have a problem. I just bought a month VIP pass to be locked out for the past week not to mention my alliance probably kicked me out for not being active. In the past updates were done every 6 months now they seem like every month. Stop making them mandatory to access the game. Also, can you please send me in an email a download to the game because Google play is coming up as an error . I had to delete my game and try downloading but that still didnt work. I really hope I didnt lose my progress. And yesterday was my birthday so if any gifts were given I’m not going to get it. So angry and frustrated.

Took you a week of being locked out to raise this concern? i would have raised hell after 2 hrs… but you’ll have to reach out via support, not the forums.

@Mod227 you need to contact support in order to get help with this. All we can offer here is sympathy!


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