Mandalorian Tea Party: 8* titans for casual players

We’re taking people of any level. As long as you hit the titan at least 3 times most days, we’re happy to have you!

The rules:
Hit the titan at least 3 times most days
Use at least 3 flags every war you’re signed up (most of us use all 6)

No stress. You can miss a day here or there and you won’t get any trouble. If you want good titan loot without strong commitment, or if you want a vacation from the hardcore league but still want something higher than 5* to chew on, we’re here for you.

Officially, there’s a 200 trophy requirement–but that’s just to filter out the many who join in on Day 1 and never log in again. If you know anyone new to the game who needs a temporary place to get stronger, just let me know and I can remove that requirement to let someone in. You can find me @Kadaxas on Line, if you’re using that app.

Vode An!

Mando Tea Party 2C1

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