Manashield icon not showing

I’ve seen sometimes heroes will not get the mana reduced, but there is no indication on them. I thought I was maybe imagining, so I tried to investigate it further. I found out the cleric’s manashield is activating, but no indication is showing. According to v24 Release Notes “Removed dodge and resist UI notifications on talent activation. Only the talent icon will be shown when a talent is activated.”, the resist is expected not to show anymore, but the cleric icon is not showing either. I wonder if it is intended? I only tested it with mana cut, so I don’t know whether it shows correctly after blocking the relevant ailments.

On video: When Li Xiu fires, around 30 seconds mark, Hawkmoon bar is unaffected, so she resisted the mana removal, but the cleric talent icon does not pop up.

Edit: Showing correctly with mana slow. Probably specific to mana cut?


I’ve also noticed that. I hope something will be done about it…

First time I noticed it in the last war, I thought Li Xiu’s skill wasn’t “working”

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