Management and not only

A few ideas for:

  1. Give players more benefits from joining the alliance, excluding only the military side.
    For example, the ability to trade, at least between the members of the alliance. Exchange of resources, heroes, consumables, materials for rebirth, etc. Even with a reasonable commission in the form of crystals. It’ll increase the dynamics of leveling up heroes and the game as a whole, as well as reduce the difference between beginners and old players. Solve the problem of shortage and excess of certain resources. If not being limited to one alliance, then a great potential in the development of the game may consists in creating exchanges and / or auctions.
  2. Alliance elders have the right to expel its members for one reason or another. Often, the decisions of “random” elders may be unfair or not be agreed with the leaders. I propose to leave the possibility of exile for the leader and his assistant, but the elders need to vote. The game chat is not very convenient and is functionally limited. Such a council of elders will turn out right in the game, without the need to discuss these moments in outside messengers. I also propose to prohibit excluding from the alliance or leaving it during the war.
  3. I propose to introduce the reputation of players that will be affected: exclusion or withdrawal from the alliance, unused points of participation in the war and other factors that other players could have a minimal impact. So far nothing comes to mind. Perhaps the benefits in the war and on the titan relative to the arithmetic average points earned. This will make it easier for leaders of alliances to catch potentially useless players. Reputation must be an updateable factor. For example, the counting is carried out monthly.
  4. To get the raids chest players need to make 8 perfect fights. With the increase in the number of trophies, the complexity of the battles themselves grows. The player has 2 obvious ways from here: play duels on purpose, losing trophies, or spend a lot of resources until you get a comfortable opponent. I suggest increasing the number of attempts at raids when the level increases. Not as fast as the world energy for monster battles, but still. For example, 1 point for 10 levels. With the current 6 points at high levels, time and resource costs greatly inhibit gameplay for getting this type of rewards. For high-ranking teams, the successful outcome of the battle depends largely on the puzzle field, and much less on the strength and abilities of the champions. A team of 4 * heroes is quite capable of winning 5 *. Therefore, even if there are 10 attempts, high-level players have every chance not to get a reward for them. BUT! More attempts - less desire to merge trophies, to fight with weak opponents and probably win. And there are less losses in resources that are so needed at high ranks, for those who spend them trying to find a convenient enemy.
  5. Add feature:
  • conduct a training fight between the members of the alliance, and
  • join the current battle in the war as an observer.

P.S. I suppose that the suggestions I have made will make the game more versatile and interesting, able to captivate players with additional features. At the same time, they do not make the game more difficult and will not break the balance and mechanics.

P.P.S. From Russia with love.

Thanks for sharing these ideas!

Every one of these ideas has been suggested before, please use the Forum Search to find existing threads to comment on and vote instead of creating a new thread. Thanks! :slight_smile:


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