Mana troops

Or a medium Khagan…

Not to my knowledge. That’d be very useful. Needs to be done in raiding, of course, because we don’t know the mana speeds of bosses. Even familiar bosses like Gato may differ from their card value.

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Thank ye all for comments. Much appreciated!

6 turns, fires after 7th turn. (as they don’t fire immeditaly after gainin mana from “no tiles”) each hero gains 1 tile worth of mana at the end of each turn as the defenders bonus.


Isn’t it 11% for very fast? Also, how does the 0.5 work. (6.5). In the formula above 6.105 < 6.5.

No, the bonus doesn’t influence the amount of mana needed to charge but the tiles that charges the special:

1,09 * 6 = 6,54 so > than a very fast special

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Nvm, I see my error. I was looking at troop level as a percent and percent as troop level. :slight_smile: Thank you for the clarification on the 0.5. Love your chart.

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Currently, the only talent grid I can see is for a 3 star ranger so I don’t know if this is true for all heroes.

He has one diamond +2% “mana recovery.” Having this would be the equivalent of 4 troop levels, right? Do other classes or levels get different diamond options?

post on talent grids ( linky, linky)

All classes get mana bonus. The following have final node +4%


The following get mana bonus late ( you might skip it to save emblems ):



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Doing them for defense is a LOT of work, and honestly won’t tell you much beyond initial combo hits… you might find that your Guin charges with 4 “initial hit” combos instead of 5, but that’s about it. Reason being you’d also have to take into consideration that consecutive combos give the defense less mana until they basically give nothing after the 10th or so. (10% drop each combo?) So you’d have to set it up as well to max charge after whatever you determined would be most common… 2 combos… 3 combos… as well as turns where the defense is given a % of their mana… all to get down to see if you can max out, ON AVERAGE, in a turn or 2 less. It wouldn’t be a static figure, it’d be dynamic and you would hope to find where it covered the most situations.

Look at it more as questioning how many times have you seen an opponents hero that one turn or shred of a turn away from going off on your offense.

If they had mana troops 1-7 levels higher then they’d be going off instead of at the threshold.

Maybe that matters and maybe not. If Kunchen or Guin start firing from deaths doorstep and you would have killed them next turn then the case can be made that the troops did the job. 75% of the levels they gain improves their survivability or makes them fire sooner. 50% of the levels a Crit troop gain improves it survivability, but unlike mana troops, the Crit troops favor two key defensive attributes instead of attributes which are somewhat derivative.

The answer then is purely subjective and entirely dependent upon the hero sporting the troops in constant reference to a players team as a whole.

Confused and disappointed in lack of a clear cut answer? I’m impressed that there appears to be none.

Thank you for the link. It’s very helpful/

Can you please update this now that we know that some have an available +2% mana and others have an available +4%? This would be a huge help as it looks like a slow hero may come close to shaving off another tile at +4%.

I didnt create it. Someone else will need to do it.

Nice! So with lvl 11 mana troops, and ranger talent 2% mana, and Seshats 4% i will shave down to 7 tiles huh

Yup, that is correct.

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One tiny thing —

3 star troops are way cheaper and useful in stacks, events and tournaments; no where near the stats — but do have 7% (I think) crit

Took forever to get; but I’ve been running up 4* mana troops (paused at 11, running to 17), 3* crit troops (only with the one star feeders), and leaving the 4* crit troops low; which helps not losing a ton of troop power by doubling up a color —

For those working with the Atlantis defense family, was pleasantly surprised to see it included troops - and the threshold numbers go out the window with the right heroes —

Khaghan may not be your cup of tea as a red, but the average or slower heroes standing on either side look at him like LaFoo looks at Gaston :slight_smile:

(Her team looks at Ariel — impossibly bad hair aside - like my dog looking at a Porterhouse through a wide open gate)

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