Mana troops should be buffed

The majority of heroes in the game are average mana, as they should be. Hence, average. Why is it then that mana troops are not useful for their primary purpose until level 23?? The amount of food and feeder troops it takes to bring a troop to level 23 is just ridiculous. Level 11 is easy enough, for the sake of boosting VERY FAST heroes… how many very fast heroes exist? Like… TWO that are good. And they’re very limited edition. Gravemaker and Victor. This doesn’t add up. Mana troops need to be changed.


you forgot one very good…Guardian jackal


Why is it that 5* heroes are not really useful until their 4th ascension?

The answer is easy: higher likeliness to spend money to speed up the process and more time/effort needed for the desired outcome. Both factors greatly influence how strong you are attached to the game.

If maxing a 5* hero or 4* troop would be easy to achieve, this game would lose customers after just a couple of months because you basically played through the game and there’s nothing more to do.

I understand your frustration but in the end it’s all business strategy to keep users active in the long-term and have them pay more. :wink:

“Mana troops” don’t only boost the mana but also the attack (greatly).
With Atlantis and the “family” bonus you got another chance to boost your mana.
Since (high level) troops help a little in a fight but are nothing like the difference between a 4* to 5* hero for example they are end game goals. Nothing needs to be changed imo.
Ofc the feeder troops and food are very expensive so people who have every 5* hero they want maxed, want to get the little help of troops too and spend money.

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Its based on percentage.

Healing received bonus too. Comes in handy when stacked with Tritons special

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Yes mana troops have benefits with attack bonus and healing bonus. But the gain mana stat is USELESS for the most part. That’s my complaint.

Guardian jackal makes three. I did forget. Because he’s limited edition lol. I don’t see a lot of jackal.

Right it’s based on percentage but how the math works out, the mana troops DON’T AFFECT MANA GAIN for average mana heroes until level 23 where it shaves 1 tile off. At level 11 it brings very fast heroes to 6 tiles instead of 6.5 or effectively 7 tiles. This is wonky and makes no sense.

Disagree that it’s useless for the most part. Very useful IMO. For the reasons already posted.

Mana troops are useful for 3 out of 4 attributes. The actual mana gain is essentially useless. Until level 17, your slow heroes don’t get any benefit. Won’t charge faster. Average heroes, not until level 23.

It doesn’t make sense at all that mana troops benefit very fast heroes at level 11. With so few very fast heroes in the game. And the heroes who NEED MANA BOOST, ie; slow and average mana heroes… the mana troops are useless for that unless you dump everything into one troop.

The mana bonus is pretty useless, you gain ~one tile for maxing it out after spending a billion food and countless feeder troops.

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The mana bonus could seem useless where you can bring items but it’s already pretty strong on raids and wars, even better on defenses.

The mana bonus is very useful in defense, and also stacks with other bonuses like the flower family, Lancelot, and Khagan to open up new cut points.

:top: looking at this with hope for when we’ll have the “breaking point” of empowering heroes further their current ascensio level. I also hope to draw a red mana troop soon :smiley:

These replies seem unaware. I’m watching replies who think mana troops are ACTUALLY mana troops.

They don’t help your mana. The resources it costs before they help… they’re no help.

I see mana troops more of a defensive option mainly, because the break points don’t matter on defense so theoretically the mana bonus is always useful.
So depends on the usage. I do agree that they take a lot of commitment to make useful outside of defense, but I think that they’re balanced that way, so no buffing needed IMO.

But the things is, you’re the one wearing the blinkers. At no point have they been officially named ‘Mana Troops’, it’s just part of their build. It’s not their primary purpose, as you put it, it’s just something you want. As many people have pointed out, the big attack boost, and heal boost, are great.


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