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Hi there.
Finally I got my all manatroops at level 23 except for yellow because I got that one too late. So yellow is 20 but also a crit at 18. :roll_eyes:
Question. Should I proceed with upgrading manatroops over level 23 or is it better to upgrade my other manatroops to 11, 17 etc?
Help is appreciated.

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There are a lot of good insights about troop leveling in this thread :slight_smile:


Saltyy. I’ve read it all. Overinformed and totally confused lying on the couch staring at the ceiling now. :thinking::wink:
I have to think about this one.
Nice link. Thx

Lol, well I’ll share my personal path. To me, lv23 Mana troops is where I stop. Breaking my avg heroes is the maximum utility imo. I would stop at 23 and put the work into a set of 17, 11, and 5 (if you have them)


Sharing your personal path is of more value to me than the link you’ve posted. Thanks big time.
I’m going to follow your advice.
All the best. Keep safe.

I personally have 3 of each color to at least 11 and one at 23 for all but blue.

Personally, I am working on a second lv 23 troop for each color, prioritizing those where I have a second Average speed hero to take advantage of it (in my case yellow and green).

My thought is that while higher level troops might help my defense, I don’t actively play my defense so I would rather focus on offense where more lv 23 troops would help.


The biggest advantage/ break in terms of mana generation is the L23 mana troop. Breaking an average hero down one tile means that, more often than not, they charge with your fast mana heroes.

After L23 the value becomes lower for the food & feeder cost required… There is an argument for defence but IMO it doesn’t outweigh the cost to get there.

This is my personal strategy:

I’m currently finishing second Mana troops to L23 and then will work on the Ninja Troops next :slight_smile:


This was my own progression:

  • First set to 23
  • Second set o 17
  • Third set to 11
  • First set to 29

After I hit my target on the first three sets of troops, I now had to choose between getting third set to 17, second set to 23, or first set to 29. After mulling over it for way too long, I finally pulled the trigger on getting the first set to 29. Why? Partly because of the average heroes that I do use, I almost always take the 2% mana node, so the lv 17 troop suffices if I had to field two average heroes in my team (I very rarely do that, and then only for my yellow stack since I have both Gazelle and Roostley).

Slow heroes won’t ever go below 11 tiles unless you take the 4% mana node combined with a 5% costume bonus, and even then you still need 10 tiles with a lv 29 troop. So for all intents and purposes a lv 17 troop suffices if I really care about shaving off one tile that much.

So the choices narrowed down to getting the second set to 23, or first set to 29. I decided on getting the first set to 29, because an additional 2% to atk and def is basically worth an extra talent each, not groundbreaking but appreciable. Also I can’t even begin to recount the number of times I lost a match because one annoying hero had 30 or so HP left, and I kept thinking to myself if I could’ve just squeezed out an additional 0.5% boost to attack somehow, I could’ve had this match.

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The path I would recommend:

  1. Mana troop level 23 + started leveling a second one immediatelly up to level 5 when you manage to summon one
  2. Once level 23 is done, start leveling your second mana troop towards level 23. If you get a third one during the process immediatelly level it to level 5
  3. Once reaching level 17 with your second one start feeding all your 1* to the third one.
  4. Once second level 23 is done, focus on leveling your third to level 11.
  5. Once third is level 11, level a Ninja troop to level 6 with your 1* then go back to leveling the third mana troop to level 17.
  6. You may want to level at this point a fourth mana troop or a crit troop depending in your roster until level 5.
  7. Once third mana troop level 17 you have to decide whether go up to level 23 or level one of your mana 23 up to 29. It really depend on your color and your roster (essentially number of average heroes you use, costumes, mono or 3/2)
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It also depends on your emblem path


I don’t have a great roster, so as was mentioned above i focused on the timing for the heroes I use together.

For example, I use a lot of costumed, average, S1, red heroes together. So for me, after the first red mana troop to 23 I took 3 red manas to level 5. With costume bonus this drops these from 10 tiles to 9 which can make a huge difference.

After that, there is an impact to have a selection of level 11 mana troops for VF wars and rush 5* tourneys, allowing them to charge in 6 tiles. So I’ve opted to push more red manas to 11 rather than push any of them to 17.

In addition the def down and attack boost timing, I also want my minion eaters firing at least as soon as my hitters, or in Grimble’s case, before the hitters

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Kinda covers my plan which is very similar to others

I wanted a set of 23’s first and then I’ve been working on a sets to 11. I’m on the second set of them (2 to go)

Then I’ll start working on the 1st set from 11 to 23.

Given how long the first set to 23 took it isn’t a quick thing :joy:


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