Mana speed nerfed?

I’m curious, I’ve noticed here lately that the hero’s who generate “fast” mana seem to take more tiles then usual to get their mana up, same with the “average” generation. Grave, Zel, Joon, Alasie, Del, Khiona, all seem to be slower then usual. I have mana troops on my hero’s as well. I could go on with the hero’s that seem slower then normal. But I think you get it lol. Also I’ve noticed that while I’m online I’m getting raided. Before you say it could be in process when I get on, I already know that. But this is happening when I’ve been on for an hour or so tracking war, playing the map, hitting titans etc. So it’s not a when I logon thing. Lol. Any type os possible info would be great. @Rook

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I was thinking the same since a few weeks. Especially in raids I cannot believe how many tiles I need to get my fast mana heroes full. Unfortunately I do not register any data hence I got no proof for it.

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I cannot confirm it. Still the same amount of likes. But you must know that tiles thrown on empty place have 200% mana for your hero like those what you throw on an opponent.

I agree that there is a lack of consistency with my maxed Gravemaker on mana generation. It differs between raids, war, quests and on the world map. For example, while farming 8-7, nine red tiles hitting opponents fills Gravemaker’s special. Attacking in a raid against an opponent with a lower team score than mine requires more than nine red tiles to fill Gravemaker’s special. And it doesn’t stop with Gravemaker. It holds true for all my characters.

Now if I attack in a raid an opponent with a higher team score than mine, there is no mana slow down. So, is this “fuzzy math” done on purpose?

This is how it works. Nothing changed eversince.

Note that tiles that DO NOT hit a hero give TWICE as much mana as tiles that hit a hero.


So not helpful at all. In fact, if you would like to further insult my intelligence, please repeat over and over and over again that tiles that don’t hit anyone will increase mana generation. Go ahead. Obviously repeating that one thing is a fool proof way to answer a legitimate question.

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:joy::joy::hugs:what‘s wrong with you. I search the forum for an optimal explanation on how mana generation works and you start harrasing me :joy:

Maybe you don‘t include specials like Alasies or Bosswolf or Guin in your „maths“, because there is no fuzziness anywhere😘



It was not a personal attack. I do not know you. But seeing the same comment twice in a short thread angers me and insults my intelligence. I apologize that you felt I attacked you.

What I would kindly ask you for:

Record a run on map and show that Grave needs 9 tiles to charge. I‘ve never seen this happen before.

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I would love to record on my phone while playing to give proof. I do not know how to do that. So in the next week I will find out how to do that and return with proof.

If you run on iOS I can give you a manual on how to do it. If you run on android you need an app for it. Most people use an app called DU Recorder.
Looking forward to it👍🏻

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I’ve never seen grave take 9 tiles to charge. 5 yes, but not 9. I’d just like to know if mana speeds have been slowed. Tile drops seem to be worse too. I just hit in war and never even got a chance to set one hero off. The opposing teams hero’s went off non stop. I thru tiles 3 times and their hero’s went off 4 times and I was dead. I was like ■■■? I went in there with a 3800 team. I’m a little confused with all of this.

They have not been slowed that I know of, nor have I heard of any type of differential slowing being applied.

If it’s not ghosting causing the difference, I would look to where you are experiencing the slowing (Raids, was it?), and who is on the field with Gravemaker, both friend and foe. Could overlapping specials be causing it? I don’t think so.

Lastly, without taking a video, we can’t confirm that it’s actually happening, though you are experiencing something.


I have had the same impression, but haven’t done any measurements.

Gravemaker without mana troops takes 6,5 tiles to charge. So if you get to 6, then you still need atleast 1 more, so if you send a 3-match then you get GM only charged at the 9-tile mark.


During my raids I calculate mana to every bit. It is till the same - there is no change at all (my last raid was 3 hours ago). Please provide a video and we will explain the mana calculation based on that video.

I thought the same, started to fail many raids in a row in a very annoying way. None of my heros got charged. I was hit several times before I was able to place my first strike. When you then get hit by those mana eaters you get no feet on the ground… and, then you have a sudden series and you charge your opponents heroes…game over :wink:
After a while I recognized that I had very balanced boards with no addiction to any colour… and I had changed my troups on boldtask which I believe decreased the mana regeneration on him.

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