Mana speed in a fight


Would be nice to see how fast mana will fill in fights when tapping on a hero or opponent.
All info is there except the mana speed.

Thank you.


If you tap on the hero while you’re choosing your opponent, it will show you their hero card, including mana speed. I know that doesn’t help for boss fights, but it does in raids and wars

Hi thanks for the reply!

Am I missing something, please explain :stuck_out_tongue:

So I want to see if mana speed is: Fast, Slow, etc,


You have to do that before you get into the fight, while you are setting up your team

Exactly that’s my point :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see it during the fights!

That’s why I posted it as a Ideas & Feature Requests.

Why do you need to see it during the fight? That’s part of learning how to best use your heroes

During fight it can be handy if you need to make a crucial move. One tile to much and the mana will be full.
If you know the mana speed of opponent’s hero is fast or slow an other move is probably a better choice.
And all other info is there as well so why not the mana speed?

Hope it’s clear what I’am trying to say :slight_smile:

I suppose that makes sense, especially early in the game. As you play longer and get more familiar with the heroes, you won’t need to look it up. When raiding, if your opponent has a hero you don’t know well, look at the card before you fight.

I know just thought It would be a nice to see and its a small thing to implement and other info is there as well.

And also my memory sometimes fail me :wink:

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As a player with a sometimes shaky short term memory, I fully understand what you want. But as I am playing longer I am recognizing the heroes and their speed. It comes with time. Until then, use scratch paper if needed. Lol. I still use it with some of the new heroes. May you still enjoy the game!